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Mollie's Magical Tooth Activity Book

The companion booklet is full to the brim with fun activities! You will find a fun book quiz which you can use as a reading guide, coloring pages, crafts, imagination games, and much more! It also has a tooth chart to color and document lost teeth!

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Free Booklet

Have fun with Mollie and Miss Pearlwirl with this magical booklet! The activities are designed to boost your child's creativity and imaginations, to develop reading skills, and spark a conversation about the book.

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Jana Buchmann

Jana Buchmann is a children’s book author and mom of three girls with a love of storytelling. She enjoys combining unique ideas with magic and imagination to create memorable stories that bring tons of fun and smiles to every child who reads them.

Her books espouse beautiful, evocative illustrations and simple, uncomplicated storytelling. Jana believes that any child can learn to love reading if they are given the right book.