The Momentum Mixer:

Quiz, Connect & Win!

Free online event hosted by Lorna Taylor and Rachel Bloomfield - Friday 22nd September 8pm on Zoom

In this unique masterclass you will:

⭐Discover aspects of your life and business that are stopping you from reaching your goals

⭐ Identify the most impactful area to focus on

⭐ Explore the actions and practical approaches that will help you get where you want to go

⭐ Have fun, win prizes and connect with other fabulous female business owners!

But this is not your average masterclass!! Oh noooooo!!

We believe two things:

🍾Fun can be it’s own strategy


👯‍♀️Collaboration will get you to the next step

So there will be no sitting staring at a screen whilst we drone on at you for an hour! 😂 Imagine instead taking part in the ultimate biz quiz, this is a games night on a whole other level! Take part in our quiz to help discover what could be the thing to get you to the next level, play games, win prizes and have fun!

Trust us you will not want to miss out on this!

Simply pop your details below to register and we'll send you the zoom link,

Double High Fives,

Rachel & Lorna xx

(If you register, we will send out a replay for those who can't make it live but as it will be a very interactive event - we highly recommend you show up live (especially if you want the chance to win prizes!!)

Fill your details here to register:

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