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It's possible to be a mom and live your life without constant overwhelm.

Our exclusive Mom Club gives you an opportunity for:

Community | Resources | Support | Masterminds

Let us share with you the tools, structure and strategies we use to live life as moms intentionally in a way that supports family and faith, so that you can live life exactly the way God ordained - on purpose.

What is Our Focus in Our VIP Moms Club?

Your Faith

Your relationship with God is the bedrock of all other things in your life as a mother. This is why we encourage you to prioritize this relationship. Our bible study resources, weekly prayer series, group discussions and community are focused on helping you grow in your faith.

Your Family

You are called to love your family - your husband, children and other family members, to care for them and support them. That is why we have so many resources to support you to thrive in this area of your life.

Your Relationships

We know that God created us for relationships. This is why we focus on supporting you with a community and resources to help you develop Godly and solid relationships that will propel you ahead on the path of purpose.

Your Well-Being

Mothers are so focused on being nurturers that we sometimes forget to care for ourselves. In our VIP Club, we are deliberate about nurturing every area of your life as a mom, so that you can be in harmony and whole, and be the best that God has in mind for you.

Your Enterprise

What do you love? What assignment has God called you to do? Whatever it is, stay-at-home, work-from-home, nine -to-five..., we are here to support you through your dreams by helping you to discover that path and fulfilling your dreams.

What is Our Community Like?

To meet your need for community, content and clarity, we have provided you with smaller groups that can help you thrive, support you and give you the warm feeling that can only come from being a part of a beautiful community like ours.

Here are the Different Mom Groups We Have

Jael's Company

Jael's Company is the group of our home warriors - women who stay at home tending their children or running their businesses from home. 

Tabitha's Company

Tabitha's Company is our group that focuses on women in business. So, if you run your enterprise, this is the hub for you. 

Priscilla's Company

Priscilla's Company focuses on women in ministry. This group is for women who run a ministry expression in any capacity.

Deborah's Company

Deborah's Company is for our moms trail-blazing in their careers. This hub works for you if you work outside the home full time or part time.

Esther's Company

Esther's Company is for mothers who serve in government, or wives of people in government, or who serve as public servants.

What Kind of Resources Do You Get?

VIP Basic Plan

  • This is our VIP MOM Basic plan that gives you access to our free mom resources and templates.
  • Access to join our Mom Community
  • Access to join our Mom groups
  • Access to the PAID Version of our Monthly Study videos and library of courses and resources. 


VIP Extra

  • This is our VIP MOM Extra plan that gives you access to our free mom resources and templates.
  • Access to join our Mom Community
  • Access to join our groups
  • Access to the ALL of our Monthly Study videos and resources for FREE
  • Access to ALL of our library of Online courses for FREE


$10 Monthly | $55 bi-annually | $100 annually

VIP Premium

  • This is our VIP MOM Premium plan that gives you access to our free mom resources and templates.
  • Access to join our Mom Community
  • Access to join our groups
  • Access to ALL of our Monthly Study videos and resources for FREE
  • Access to ALL of our library of Online courses for FREE
  • Access to Our Exclusive Mastermind Group
  • Access to Group Coaching Sessions


$20 Monthly | $110 bi-annually | $200 annually

Here is What Some of Our VIP Moms Have To Say

Oyinola Ogungbe

One major take away for me is Intentional living and desire to fulfill purpose in life.

The goal setting sessions are lit!

You'd come out feeling like you are ready to take on the whole world.........bring it on you'd scream!!! ?

While I am still work in progress, I will forever be grateful for these life experiences.

Please don't go through life wishing you had it another way.

Seize the opportunity now!

Thank you Oluseye Ashiru for this amazing vision.

- Oyinola Ogungbe, Lagos, Nigeria

Kehinde Komolafe

This program is life changing.

It has helped me to channel my business energy in the right direction.

I have also grown spiritually. It is a total package!

I am a testimony of this amazing program"

- Kehinde Komolafe, McKinney, Texas

Jocelyn Akinyeye

“I am by nature a perfectionist, introvert and have a tendency to put everyone else’s needs above my own.

Having spent a lifetime putting myself lower on the ladder, I realised that things had to change.

Someone I respect said, The answer you seek is two people away.”

Every conversation has been tailored to burst all the myths one has about oneself or life.

I have become more confident and a better communicator of my feelings and opinions, yes even the unpopular ones. I see my husband take me more seriously these days.

Things that used to worry me, such as other people’s opinions of me don't stress me out anymore. I have ultimately learned that I matter, my dreams are valid and that fulfilling God’s purpose for my life should be my reason for living.

- Jocelyn Akinyeye, Lagos, Nigeria

What Kind of Resources Do You Get?

Access To Monthly Mastermind & Coaching Sessions (VIP Premium Plans Only)

Free Access To Online Courses (VIP Extra & Premium Plans)

Bible Study Plans and Videos (VIP Extra & Premium Plans)

Access To Our Membership Circles (ALL VIP Plans)

Organized Mom Templates (ALL VIP Plans)

Mom Checklists

Stay Organized with our Mom Checklist Templates.

Get your day right with our Check List templates to keep you on top of things.

Kids Routine Templates

Solve the problem of always breathing down your child's neck with this easy to use resource for your child to know the things they need to do as their After School Routine.

Home Grocery List

Make Shopping Easier and keep your family happy with this Grocery list. It can be used on-the-go also as you download to your phone.

Prayer Confession Prompts

Cover Yourself, your husband and your children in Prayer. Download these prayer confession templates as a guide to focus on important areas of life such as school life, marriage, and other relationships.

Meal Planner & Daily Food Diary

Make Meal Planning easier with using this printable meal planner. The food diary helps you to keep track of the quantity of the class of food that goes into your meal times on a daily basis.

Money Tracker & Budget Planner

As smart custodians of resources from God, it is our responsibility to keep tabs on our income and expenditure. This budget template can be edited to suit your personal preferences.

Library of Online Courses

Get Access To Our Library of Online Courses when you sign up on our VIP Extra and VIP Premium membership plans. These courses address the five main areas of a mom's life - Faith, Family, Well-Being, Relationships, Enterprise.

Bible Study Resources

We know that our faith and proximity to God's word gives us the tools we need to navigate every aspect of our lives as mothers. This is why we have a collection of Bible Study resources to help you grow in your faith.

Mom Community

We are passionate about creating a warm environment for you to connect with other moms in the same season of life as you. Our membership gives you access to at least one mom group where you can connect.

Get On-the-Go Access. You have flexibility of access.

All our resources are mobile friendly and can be used on the go. You never have to worry about carrying them around. No matter your preferences, you have the option to either use the resources on the go or print them for your use.

Flexibility is key.

Get Unlimited Access To Special VIP Resources To Help You Uplevel Your Mom Game

We reserve some special teachings and resources especially for our VIP Moms. Get access to great content, mom tips and inspirational tips to keep you in sync and on top of your mom game always without feeling overwhelmed.