Have you had enough of your focus wandering all over the place leaving you feeling scrambled and tired?  Well you're not alone!

Can you imagine what it would be like if you could listen to some songs knowing that it would help you to stay focussed and put you into the right mindset where what you want in life could easily manifest?

Fortunately there is hope.


I have put together what I call shifter packages and what they are is a selection of songs that I have created to help you into the frequency of what it is that you are wanting to manifest, the first one below helps manifest more money into your life.

To be able to manifest what you want, you must resonate or vibrate at the same frequency of what it is that you are wanting otherwise what you want cannot come to you!

The Money Magnet Shifter Package has been created to encourage within you, feelings of already being prosperous.  This helps you manifest more prosperity!

These songs are created to put you into that prosperity and abundance frequency quickly and easily!

You can meditate to it, dance to it, play it in the car and even when you are not playing it you can play it in your mind knowing that it is doing you good both for your mindset and your bank balance.

This package contains these 10 money mindset and prosperity inspiring songs

I Am a Money Magnet (effortless money maker). This song is designed to jump start you into the frequency of feeling prosperous.

I Love the Feeling of Knowing That I Have Unlimited Resources. This song encourages within you, feelings of motivation and flow in the knowing that we all have access to the unlimited nature of everything.

I Am Visualizing Having Unlimited Money in My Account. This song helps build and strengthen the imagination as you are led visualise having unlimited money in your account and being able to buy whatever you want to buy.

I Love Making Money (making money is easy). Often we can get caught up in a trap thinking that money is hard to come by or that you have to work really hard for money or that maybe you sometimes try to convince yourself that you do not want money, you may even find yourself thinking about some made up negative aspects of having money such as that money doesn't bring happiness etc. These feelings can really stop the flow of the manifestation of money. This song is designed to stop all that from happening. It does this by reiterating the benefits of having money such as when you are feeling really prosperous and you are in a period of effortless financial flow you usually feel really good and that money is not hard to come by at all it is just a frequency and when we vibrate at that frequency life feels wonderful.

It's Flowing into My Life Right Now! Now we are getting into the big feelings of prosperity and riches flowing into your life. This song encourages feelings of endless riches flowing into your life right now and it feels WONDERFUL.

Money Is Flowing to Me. This song puts you straight into the mindset and frequency of money flowing endlessly to you right now. As you listen to this song you can feel the shift in vibration that this song inspires. This song goes round in my head very often and sometimes I go to sleep singing it and I wake up singing it. Whenever you have any of these songs going round in your mind, you are placing yourself into the frequency of prosperity without doing anything. What a time saver that is!

As well as getting all the individual songs listed above you also get a 21-minute-long mix of them that is excellent for dancing or working out to.

Plus, you will get these 4 extra bonus songs that also help with manifesting prosperity and abundance!

I Am a Million Dollar Creator I Am. This is a song that inspires within you the feelings of being a millionaire and that everything is all happening for you right now. This is a very powerful glow giving song that is created to help you feel that you are super successful in what ever you do.

I Like the Feeling (of holding a million dollars’ cash). This song helps with manifesting a rich and prosperous lifestyle by encouraging you to imagine the scenarios of how it would feel to hold a million dollars in cash or be lounging by the poolside in the sunshine basking in the knowing that are living that millionaire lifestyle right now.

I Am a Conscious Reality Creator (money flows to me effortlessly). This song is designed to help you to take your power back. It reminds you that by consciously directing your imagination into your desired outcome and feeling now as you would feel in the realized reality of that desired outcome, you are being a conscious reality creator and money is flowing to you effortlessly, YOU JUST NEED TO LET IT IN! (Enter the next song) ...

Right Now I Must Allow. You have to allow what you want to come into your life. The biggest thing that can stop your manifestations from manifesting into your reality is RESISTANCE! This resistance can come in many forms and disguises. These disguises can range from you not really believing in yourself or not believing that you can do it. This is a really big issue and affects so many people who struggle to manifest the reality that they want. It doesn't matter what form this resistance takes it stops the flow of manifestation dead in it's tracks. 

This song is created to help you allow, so that everything that you want in your life can manifest easily and quickly.

You can fill your life with action, action and more action and still struggle to manifest money. You can spend so much time and energy trying to force your way to riches and gain financial freedom!

You can do all of this and be so stressed that you can feel like your head is going to pop. The truth is that unless you find a way to feel prosperous you will not manifest prosperity!

These songs help you to feel prosperous and they are designed to place you into the vibrational frequency where unlimited abundance can flow effortlessly into your life!

Here is what people say about Jeff's Music...

"Great music to clear your mind and get motivated. Wonderful inspiration to get my day moving."


"I love Jeff's album "Therapy for the 21st Century Human" - actually my whole family does! With the positive mantras and catchy beats, it always lifts the mood and leads to dancing. It is awesome music to workout to and has helped calm in moments of anxiety! I often hear my six-year-old singing the songs on his own."


Buy now and you will get the high quality mp3's of all 10 songs plus the 21-minute dance mix and transform your entire money manifestation experience!

Start manifesting more money into your life right now!