Release Your Money Blocks

Identify the beliefs stopping you from making the money you want.


It's belief about money, formed in childhood, that's keeping you from making as much money as you truly want to make.

Consciously, we think "Hey, I want to be rich!" But unconsciously, we may be saying to ourselves,

"Dad worked ALL the time, and he never had time for me. So, money means I'll have to work all the time and never get to do anything fun or spend time with my loved ones, so it's probably better if I don't make too much money."

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Hi, my name is

Katy Chen Mazzara

I'm a certified financial coach who helps creative, freedom seekers make more money, create financial freedom and worry less! Without making unrealistic sacrifices and "budgeting," I can help you stop the cycle of feast or famine, truly know your worth and create a life doing what you love!

You'll learn:

Your Past

How did your beleifs form?

Limiting Beliefs

Where are you self-sabotaging?

Free Yourself

from self-imposed money blocks!

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