Having clarity is the most important way to manifest more money! This method is also an amazing way to start shifting your spending habits, from unconscious to conscious.

Plus, it takes about 30-45 days to truly change a habit, so all of the above makes this the best way to get started on the path towards financial freedom!

This is like a food diary, except with money!

Hi, my name is

Katy Chen Mazzara

I'm a certified financial coach who helps creative, freedom seekers make more money, create financial freedom and worry less! Without making unrealistic sacrifices and "budgeting," I can help you stop the cycle of feast or famine, truly know your worth and create a life doing what you love!

You'll learn:

Where is your money going?

How much is coming in and out each month?

Why is it moving each time?

What's the reason behind each transaction?

What are you feeling?

Which emotions come up each time you earn or spend?

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