Does making the money you dream of feel impossible?

You’ve been doing the whole CEO-of-your-own-business-thing for the last couple of years and you love what you do for your clients. But you’re really not loving how hard you’re working to still barely break even each month.

Like any ambitious entrepreneur, you have huge dreams for your future. A booming business, ample cash in the bank, and satisfaction with what you’ve achieved on your own. But sometimes it's hard to see how that picture could ever play out.

You watch other women online, smashing their goals and making life-changing money. Yet they never seem to struggle in the same way you do -

like agonising over a ‘feel-good’ level to set your prices that won’t scare off your leads. Or stressing about how to make more money without doubling your workload.

You tell yourself if you just keep pushing, work harder and take on more clients, then you’ll finally see the financial payoff you want, right?

So, why does the thought of raising your prices make you break out in a cold sweat?

I’m talking about:

  • The stress when you go to charge more for your service because you feel like you have to justify the increase with yet more work…
  • The guilt you feel about being ‘too greedy’ or taking ‘just enough’ in case you jinx yourself and your whole business comes crumbling down...
  • The fear you get when you spend your money even if it’s for investment in your own business...

It all comes back to your personal relationship with money.

Everything you’ve ever been told. Everything you’ve ever read. The stories and rules your parents, or family, or school taught you about money.

It all affects how you now generate and receive wealth.

So it really doesn’t matter how many self-development books you buy, or how many ‘overnight success’ courses you go out and try, or how much you might try to manifest.

Until you deal with your money mindset issues, you’ll never see the success you’re striving for.

Ready to turn your old worst enemy into your new best friend? I’m talking about your mindset, of course.

I want you to make a lot of money doing what you love

That’s why I created my programme Money Mindset Mastery.

Over the space of 12 weeks, we’ll work on a few key areas to help you ditch your sabotages and start generating life-changing money.

These include:

  • Uncovering your hidden blocks and fears so you can make more money without working all the hours in the day, maxing out your client capacity or blurring the boundaries between work and home.

  • Creating healthy, repeatable financial habits so you feel more in control of your cash and achieve your money goals faster.

  • Ditching negative self-talk and limiting beliefs like comparisonitis, fear of success and imposter syndrome.

  • Raising your prices so you can confidently start making the money you want and discover what you’re truly capable of.

How many of these sound like you?

  • You want to make big money from your business, but it feels really hard. You can't see how you can increase your income without working any harder than you already are.
  • You’re discounting your prices left and right or undercharging to get a definite ‘yes’ from your clients… or sometimes, even working for free to get ‘incredible’ testimonials to help you sell in the future.
  • You’re working all day and maybe some of the night - but your bank balance doesn’t reflect this enormous amount of effort at all.
  • You feel guilty as hell spending money on yourself.
  • Sales calls, discovery calls, or any time you have to discuss your prices with a potential client brings you serious discomfort and massive resistance.
  • You have a fire in your heart - to make more, to do more, and to make it happen for you. The vision in your head isn’t matching your reality right now and that’s seriously frustrating when you want bigger and better things. But that’s only spurring you on to do something about it...

Here’s what Money Mindset Mastery will look like:

  • Private coaching with me every week to give you accountability, total support and the tough love you need to help you reach your personal goals

  • 12 x 60 min Zoom deep-dive sessions to uncover your money fears and blocks so we can really challenge your beliefs and rules around your finances

  • My four step process achieves results by walking you through a gradual system of habit change, challenging behaviour and beliefs step-by-step.

  • Fantastic support from my FREE Money Mindset Facebook group- a community of like-minded women in business, all cheering each other on towards their financial goals

Investment: £840 per month or payment in full = £2500
Book a call to discuss whether this is a good fit for you. Hit the button below!