What You'll Learn

If you're looking to save your family money then this FREE course is for you. I can help you keep more money if you pocket so you can spend it on doing more fun things with your family. 

Already course attendees have saved over £400 based on what they've learned and put into practice from the course. Could you imagine having an extra £400 saved?! 

 No matter what your financial goals are, there are tips for everyone regardless of your situation. Maybe you need to save some money off your shopping bill each week or have a holiday coming up you need to pay for.  

Course Outline

Here's a quick outline of what we will cover over the next 6-weeks:

  • Day 1: Laying the groundwork
  • Day 2: Create a budget
  • Day 3: Setting financial goals
  • Day 4: List debts and savings
  • Day 5: Reduce outgoings
  • Day 6: Saving money on annual spending
  • Day 7: Increasing your income
  • Day 8: Quick cash hits
  • Day 9: No-brainers
  • Day 10: Thinking outside the box
  • Day 11: Staying motivated
  • Day 12: Choosing the next steps

There are 2 lessons every week. Don’t worry if you can’t keep up every week. Keep them in till you're ready!

This is a FREE course. The cost of this course is absolutely nothing. 100% FREE.

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 I'm in the group every day chatting with the members and helping them with their own saving goals.

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Hi, I'm Laura Light. I’m here to show you through my own experiences exactly how you can stop living wage to wage and start building toward a more secure future for your family. I’m here to show you how.