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Your General Guide To Montessori Homeschooling

This series of online webinars is for you if you are

- A parent of children ages 3-9.

- Have no background in teaching.

- Would like to homeschool using the Montessori approach.

- Ready to invest in your child's curriculum without breaking the bank.

- Currently homeschooling but you are not totally satisfied with the outcomes and feeling frustrated and lost.

- Keen to find ways to generate extra income for your family while homeschooling.

I will show you how to:

 - Find confidence to teach your child with zero experience in education.

- Choose affordable Montessori curriculum.

- Create a productive work discipline that is based on mutual respect.  

- Personalise your child's learning.

- Create a balance between theory and practise.

- Identify your child's passions.

- Learn a foreign language together in 15 minutes a day.

- Create the workflow that suits everyone in the house.

- Facilitate learning of children of different ages.

- Generate extra income online for your family to help support your homeschooling journey.

Your Guide

Three years ago Anastasia - a mum of three - chose to homeschool her children. Anastasia is a firm believer that Montessori philosophy and method of education can empower and transform lives of parents and children. She is a second- generation teacher. She grew up attending the school located in the midst of the Siberian forest. Teaching is her real passion. Anastasia is a former early childhood teacher with many years of experience working in American Montessori International in Russia and Montessori Children's House in Australia. She also taught children and adults of different ages in Poland and the USA. After leaving her teaching career to homeschool her children, Anastasia was able to generate enough income to be able to homeschool and help to support their family. She would love to offer support and help to anyone who wants to homeschool their children the Montessori way.