Imagine having an astrologer in your pocket every month?

So you can be guided back to your soul's wisdom, so you can learn to trust your emotions and let your creativity flow organically.

Most of us creatives live in our heads far too much, and like to control our artistic outcomes. 

Our mind has a vision of how we think our art should look. 

Not leaving much space for our heart and soul to be expressed through our art.

The truth is as an artist you are an open channel for higher inspiration to flow through.

The creative process is not linear.

It's a fluid and cyclical.

You are courageous,  putting paint to paper and writing poetry that transcends your emotions into beauty.

You are here to explore your vulnerability, your shadows, your wildness, your deepest truth.

It takes courage and faith to walk this path. 

Though often you have so many ideas, that your head feels like tangled spaghetti and you're disconnected from your feelings. 

And don't worry you aren't the only one, I can still get stuck in this space too. 

The key to unleashing your deepest potential and re-igniting your creative process is by exploring your emotions.

Your emotions give you a direction for the ideas and visions that light you up. 

Imagine feeling deeply aligned with your truth and creating art that feels authentic and is bursting with vitality. 

Whether you paint, write, garden, sing or facilitate ceremonies your emotions guide your creative process and art work.

šŸŒ™ Are you feeling overwhelmed by so many ideas?

šŸŒ™ Is your inner perfectionist trying to control your creativity? 

šŸŒ™ Does your creative process feel unrooted and haphazard?

Iā€™m Hannah, an introvert, fellow artist, book worm and astrologer. I stepped away from owning the term 'artist' for a long time because my inner perfectionist tendencies kept me avoiding my art (and I'm still recovering). As someone who's studied many things from astrology to the artists way I found inner peace when I stopped looking outside of myself for validation and started connecting with my emotions. 

Though the old me used to struggle with fatigue and overwhelm most days, stuck in hustling because I thought that doing more = self worth. My approach to my creative work felt haphazard, with intense emotional ups and downs I felt so unrooted and my inner voice was drowned out by the high expectations I put on myself. 

In the middle of my chaos and overwhelm what helped me find my path again was the moon. I began working with the moon cycle back in 2019, I feel calmer now and am more intentional with what I focus my energy on. 

You see as artists you tend to be highly sensitive too, so it's easy to lose your way as you are so in tune with other people's feelings and thoughts.

That's where the moon can be your compass and help you find clarity again. 

Every fortnight at the new and full moon is a map to follow, calling you to slow down so you can hear your inner wisdom and allow this to guide your creative work from a place of deep trust and ease.

So you don't have to walk this path alone anymore.

šŸŒ‘ šŸŒ” šŸŒ• šŸŒ—

What does the Moon Activations membership include?

- 2 x Voice notes on facebook messenger with personalised guidance at the new and full moon

- 2 x 30 Min Calls (live meditation & Q & A) at the new & full moon
- 2 x General astrology Forecasts (at new & full Moon) to learn about the collective themes

- A private facebook community to connect and share your journey with other members

Price is Ā£44 on a monthly basis, and you can cancel anytime.

If you have any questions feel free to send an email to

I'm so excited to guide you on this journey! šŸŒ™

Love Hannah x