For Yogis, Dancers, Movers & Lovers of Embodiment! 

Join a tribe of joyous, like minded, movement loving beings as we prescribe ourselves the ultimate Movement Medicine daily. During this course you will receive unlimited access to seven instructional videos introducing you to foundational Movement Medicine practices. This course includes:

~ Prana Vinyasa yoga

~ Guided meditations

~ Mudras for integration

~ A recommended reading book

~ Different pathways of movement

~ Music links for your daily medicine

~ Moving from form into formlessness

~ Three check-in days during the course

~ Private Facebook Group for accountability, support & inspiration

All you need is a journal, a yoga mat or blanket and about 30 minutes each day to dive into this offering!

Course Overview

Module 1: Earthing

Grounding into your foundation, cultivating awareness of weight transference and distribution as you follow your feet. 

Module 2: Freedom

Flowing into freedom with no boundaries or limitations, only circles, spirals and the arching shapes tracing the organic curvy nature of your body.

Module 3: Igniting

Courageously stepping up and out of your comfort zone, following impulses, getting carried away with rhythm, being playful and fully ignited.

Module 4: Expanding

Express what is churning in your heart, soften any hard edges and begin to fully embrace your own rhythm, melody and authentic expression without judgment.

Module 5: Vibration

Unify from inner to outer, connecting and engaging your limbs, joints and fluid body staying attuned to how you move around the space telling your story.

Module 6: Space

Seeing, feeling and moving through the spaces in between, morphing into and filling the gaps completely trusting the journey as it unfolds.

Module 7: Liberation

Flow, move, meditate, expand, contract as you become one with this sacred dance giving permission for Movement to be your Medicine.

'Delamay is a stupendous teacher and highly creative in her teachings. She has been a huge inspiration to my own practice introducing to a style I didn’t realize I was looking for! It flows like a dance and you feel so empowered and energized after practicing with her.' 

~ Hannah, UK


Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by the psychology of movement, this lead me into decades of self study and included performing internationally, choreographing shows, immersing myself in a 5 rhythms love affair and Gabrielle Roth’s books and teachings and studying dance movement therapy. During these years of Somatic exploration, Jungian theory, Prana Vinyasa yoga, Yoga Trance Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Tantra and self enquiry, I was always questioning and witnessing my own movement patterns while seeking truths which weren't necessarily found in one modality, book or course.

Movement is Medicine was born in the form of workshops, retreats and teacher training's, it encapsulates the fullness of my passion, my work in the world and is the meaning behind why I do what I do. Through this process of self study and having a natural curiosity to know more, I have gained clarity and a deeper insight into my mental, emotional and physical state of being, I have received healing and feel at peace with my insecurity of not wanting to be seen, it has offered me body confidence and an inner strength to trust my instincts like never before.

Thank you for joining me. I am SO looking forward to sharing this offering with you!