Life still goes on for these survivors.  It is their mission and destiny to thrive in life 'after'.  Life after abuse... life after rejection... life after doctor appointments... life after chemo... life after surgery... life after a death sentence.  In THRIVING they share with the world how even when the road they traveled seemed to be at its darkest to them, they found a light that guided them to continue to fight and live to see another day.


Y. Rená Cooper

Yolunda Rená Cooper is affectionately known by her family and friends as Rená.  Seeing victims become free, victorious and THRIVE in their 'after' is what drives her.  A survivor of domestic violence, Y. Rená makes sure she cries loud for victims of domestic abuse and those who have attempted suicide.  Y. Rená is the founder & CEO of 4 My Voice Matters, a NFP (501C3) organization that assist victims, raise funds for clients and bring awareness to domestic violence and suicide prevention via educational seminars and workshops. She has organized events for shelters throughout the country and has spoken throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. 

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