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How would it feel to 

  • have control of your cash flow (Money In & Money Out)
  • change your financial future and path 
  • achieve access to the lifestyle you dream of

In this 90 day programme, you will be guided through this and more.

Using these steps I have increased my turnover 13 times in 12 months, my client portfolio doubled, my cash flows like a serene river (sometimes a little more vigorously) and my all important profits allow me to take as much money as my corporate salary paid at last!

Time is ticking.

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Prepare to take control

Week 1

Getting really clear on where you would like to be in 90 days.

Results of Your Financial Overview

Week 2

Looking at your money in more detail, budgeting and your business finances too.

Planning your Financial Future

Week 3

Now we have determined our goal and current position, we go into depth around the steps to get there.

Plugging Money Leaks

Week 4

Spend time looking at your expenses, renewals, budgets and any other ways of reducing costs or increasing savings.

Amplifying Cash flow

Week 5

Assessing the current cashflow blocks or invoice terms, how to increase cash, goal setting for new goals and getting into alignment with new target.

How to Maximise your Sales

Week 6

Get your sales pitch perfect, using tools to perfect your sales and onboarding process, questions that convert and lead generation.

Money Generation Machine

Week 7

What is your financial lifecycle, plan the next 12 months, investigate early settlement offers, and mindset to keep growing your revenue as well as the power of testimonials.

Master your Money Mindset

Week 8

Get clear on your money personality, daily practices to improve your mindset and relationship with money.

Master your Money Personality and Lifestyle

Week 9

More in depth dive into your money personality and the actions to take to leverage this to your advantage.

Review and Reflect

Week 10

Now its time to look at the progress made in 10 short weeks, updating and tweaking any of the targets and plans we have implemented.

Your Major Definite Purpose

Week 11

Get clear on what this is and how to adapt your long term goals into actionable steps daily.


Week 12

Congratulations! You now have all the tools to Master your Money Flow. In this session we look at what next....

Let's do this!


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