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Get Rid of Your FEAR of Networking...

Once and For ALL!

Are you new to business networking?

Do you lack self confidence and does the thought of business networking fill you with dread?

I know it did for me when I first started over 17 years ago.

I didn't know what to say, who or how to approach people. I felt invisible, not in control and spent my first couple of events hanging around on my own, hoping someone would come and talk to me!

If this describes YOU, then why not join me and get PART 1 FREE (value £37.00) My Networking Know How Masterclass.

My name is Ian Earl and I've been business networking for over 17 years. I've attended many events and spoken to hundreds of people during that time. I'm also the co-founder of In Business, a successful networking and training group. I've also lectured at Bradford College on Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. And author of 52 Tips to Improve Your Business Networking Skills.

By the end of this FREE webinar you will;

  • Know your WHY (you do what you do)
  • Know why you are networking
  • Establish who you're looking to meet
  • Know what your ideal client looks like
  • Know how to set goals for any networking events you attend
  • Have a more strategic approach to networking

Part 1 FREE Networking Know How Masterclass (Value £37.00)

This is part 1 of my 8 part course.

This course is aimed at people just like you, who are new to networking or have done some networking, but felt uncomfortable while doing it and want to learn more.

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