Discover Sacred Laziness

Embracing Rest 

for an Impactful Life

Online Coaching Program 

Starts: Oct 4th, 2023 - December 13th, 2023.

Every other Wednesday

10 am - 11:30 PST/ 1pm - 2:30 EST/ 6pm - 7:30 UK /7pm-8:30 CET

This course is for you if...

  • There is so much on your plate that sleep is not an option.
  • You feel alone and struggling with endless productivity
  • You feel guilty and judged when you rest
  • Your body is restless and unwilling to rest, even when you try
  • You have amazing ideas and projects but no time to realize them
  • You rarely arrive to pleasure and fun

If you said, "that's me!" to one or more of the above, then read on...

By implementing what is taught in these 12 weeks you will learn :

To give yourself permission to relax and rest. 

To take care of yourself.

To break free from social and cultural norms that keep you stuck.

To go out into the world, in whatever way you choose, and do your best work. 

To be your best with colleagues, friends and family. 

To reclaim that weary soul and give her a chance to find meaning and joy once again.

Meet Your Coaches

Dr. Kandis Lock, ND, Co-facilitator

Kandis is a Naturopathic Doctor and Embodiment Coach.

Her joy in this work is the instant a patient realizes their struggle to adhere to a supplement regime and dietary choices stems from overwhelming workloads, motherhood, and numerous responsibilities. This pivotal realization ignites the path to authentic healing, prompting a crucial question: What must I shift, release, or reorganize to prioritize my own well-being?

Giulia Del Bene, Co-facilitator

Giulia is an embodiment coach and food alchemist, her mission is to ignite women’s passions while fostering a sense of nourishment and soulful maintenance.

She helps women transform their pain and stress into pleasure and resilience through the inner wisdom of their body and the medicine of food and nature

The Foundation

Each session will provide you



Each session will we will provide you with knowledge to help you understand where you are at and how to develop your unique strategy to start leading your own life.

Learn By Doing


It's one thing to know something coginitively. It's another to know it with your whole being. This is key for success.

This is where practical skills and embodiment homework will come in.



Sharing your story about burnout with other women is of profound healing. This is why we’ve created  this course where we can share our struggles in a protected and safe space, where we can start to belong again.

The course

6 online live calls on zoom every other Wednesday starting Oct 4th at 10 am - 11:30 PST/

1pm - 2:30 EST/ 6pm - 7:30 UK /7pm-8:30 CET

You can attend them live or watch the recording that we will send to you the day after the call. 

We highly suggest to attend as many call as possible live, so that you can get the most of out of it.

There is an exclusive group chat accesible to you to share your experiences with the community.

In the In-between weeks we will be sending you recordings and practices.

Embracing Rest for an Impactful Life

Session 1 (2HRS): Welcome, body awareness and cues for rest, stages of deep rest.

Session 2: Self Care vs Selfish

Session 3: Lasting pleasure: Contentment and Awe

Session 4: Relaxation as a Step Towards Deep Rest

Session 5: Learning How to Embody Deep Rest

Session 6 (2 HRS): Sacred Laziness and Soulful Maintenance 

Investment (say yes to yourself)

Early bird Full Package: $750 USD until Sept 25th (Full price $1500)


- Live Sessions Plus Recordings

- Off- week Recordings and practice

- Community chat

- 2 coaching sessions 1:1

Early bird (Live + Recordings Only): $600 USD until Sept 25th (Full price $1200)


- Live Sessions Plus Recordings

- Off- week Recordings and practices

- Community chat

BONUS (only with early bird)

- 2 extra workshops: Friday, 22nd Sept Equinox celebration / Friday, Dec 22nd solstice celebration -

- Access to recordings of "Become the Leading Lady of Your Life"  (previous course)


If money is an obstacle, please reach out, we'd love to find a solution together so that you can embrace rest with us.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is this course for me?

This course is for you if you want:

- to reconnect with body and plan according to your own rhythms

- to understand the root cause of burnout (understand)

- to gain practical tools to help you in everyday life

- to re-ignite your passion

- to learn boundaries

- to learn self acceptance

AND if you are ready and willing to make a change in your life and make new habits

It is NOT for you to just sit back and learn like a netflix series. It is experiential and to really learn it is vital you participate and commit to practicing what you learn by doing .

Can I get a refund if this course isn’t for me?

You will have 48 hours after the first session to get a full refund. After this time we do not offer refunds. 

How long do I have access to the course?

Until the Apocolypse and the world ends ;)

Have a question but don't see it here? 

Get in touch and we will be happy to help.