Student & Teacher Data Binders:

IEP Goal Assessment -

Made Simple & Easy

Got Data?! Don't we all!

**Stay organized

**Get your weekends back

**Data at your fingertips

**IEP Goal Assessments organized in 1 place

**Students take ownership for their learning

What you Get:

**8 different IEP Goal Assessments including: Numbers, Sounds/Letter, Phonics Survey & Math I Can Survey

**Graphs your student can use on any assessment

**Fry Sight Word Inventory with graphs

**Posters of Marzano's Levels of Thinkings/Learning (Level 0-6)

What Others Are Saying....

Linda (1-6 Mild/Moderate Special Education Teacher)

"I Love it! I'm not sure how I managed before my Student Binders. It was perfect to have take ownership of their data. The bouns student had huge gains!"

Beth (RTI Interventist)

"A great way to organize student data. I LOVED sharing these with teachers--I had tons on teacher buy-in. Students were highly motivated and engaged to beat themselves with each progress monitor session."


Who this is For:

**Mild/Moderate Needs Special Education Teachers

**RTI/Intervention Teachers or Specialist

**Classroom Teachers who provide or supervise Interventions

**Educational Coaches


My Story

When I first started in Special Education, I was totally confused and overwhelmed. I'd know a whole lot about anything and took EVERYTHING home each weekend. It was not until my Principle asked me to head the RTI (now MTSS) team started which was going to train teachers on what it was and design what it was going to look like. I realized that I had to STOP bring my desk home each WEEKEND. I was missing time with my family and I was not helping myself or students by doing this. So, I stopped. Cold turkey!!

While working on learning everything about RTI, I got stronger on what to do with my own IEP data--how to organize it, track it, keep it at my fingertip, and show teachers what progress monitoring needed to look like.

My frustrating about not knowing where I was headed changed. I was able to plot a course for 4 weeks at a time and MOVE my students. (Mind you state assessments--this was HUGH!)

It took years and a whole lot of trial and error but I finally found the key to taming my IEP data and tricks to move students.

Here on Toad-ally Exceptional Learners, you will find so many wonderful ideas, suggestions, lesson plans to help support you in your role as a rockin’ resource special education teacher. I’m passionate about hands-on, targeted skill learning, so you’ll find lots of easy to implement activities for hands-on learning in small groups.