Overwhelmed by the idea of tutoring online?

When you're new to teaching reading online, it's normal to have lots of questions

  • Is there a demand for online tutoring?
  • Can I make money doing this?
  • Where will I find clients?
  • Should I work for a company?
  • Will my computer run all the software?
  • What programs do I need?
  • Is it expensive?
  • What do students need?

  • How can I tutor online without spending all my time planning?
  • How do I get paid?
  • What if the technology breaks?
  • How do I keep students engaged online?
  • Does online reading tutoring even work?
  • Can any student learn online?

The Online Tutor Business Blueprint

Get your online literacy tutoring business up and running fast!

Whether you're an experienced reading tutor or just starting your business, this course will answer your questions and walk you through the steps to create an online tutoring business that works for you!

What will you learn?

In this six-module course, you will discover and untangle the most essential parts of running a tutoring business online. 

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Module 1

Who will you teach and what will you teach them?

Identify your strengths and what you enjoy. Match your strengths to your ideal clients' need.

Module 2

Creating your tech-based lesson framework

Choose your hardware and software, identify go-to tools for each of the major components of literacy that you teach, and discover the best tools for delivering lessons online.

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Module 3

Engage with Students and Parents

Learn which assessment tools you can use online, how to get students comfortable and engaged, and how to communicate with parents when you don't always see them. 

Module 4

Find More Students

Learn which approaches work best for finding the right students online and how to get students requesting your help without spending money on advertising.

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Module 5

The Business Stuff

Learn how to painlessly set up your business from the beginning and put yourself on the right path to making a living tutoring.

Module 6

Prepare for the Unexpected

Prepare for tech glitches, difficult clients and the fatigue of a full schedule. Think of it as smoke detectors and a first aid kit for your business. 

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Do you have questions?

Send a message today to get your burning questions answered and find out if this class is the right solution for you.

So what's the plan?

Here's what you get when you enroll in the course:

Video Lessons

  • Focused, action-oriented video lessons guide you through the content of the module
  • New content is available each week for six weeks


  • Lessons come with printable
    • Worksheets
    • Checklists
    • Reference sheets
  • All designed to help you do the work of setting up your business

Connect with Other Tutors

When you enroll, you will get a link to join the private Facebook group exclusively for participants in the course and get support from experts, encouragement and bonus content.

Lifetime Access

The course is designed to be completed in six weeks, but life happens! You will keep access to the course as long as you want it. Come back and brush up on the modules when you need to, and stay in the Facebook group to stay connected and get help as new challenges come up.

Price: $247

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