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Bill West

The site was started by Country Radio DJ, and best selling BBQ Book author, Bill West to help share some useful foodie tips he was collecting hanging around South Carolina’s best Pitmasters.  The tips and tricks caught on because they simply helped backyarders with grilling and BBQ problems.   In 2010 he launched a weekly podcast called GRATETV ( http://GrateTV.com) and really started to build a tribe of fans .    Says West, “The videos are usually just “a beer in length” and are all about BBQ, recipes, learning, and a low and slow good time.”At last check the channel has accumulated millions of views and over thirty five thousand subscribers.

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Bill West lives in Charleston, SC with his wife MJ and teenage son Jack.    West actually likes those atomic “sign the waiver” hot wings on the menu,  he still misses the TV show LOST, and was once turned down for the part of “soldier,” for the major motion picture Forrest Gump.

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