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Do you also have a current need to gather employees for a social activity? Have you put the social events on standby during this time with Corona? With ARTivity, there is a good opportunity to make a social event - online - together separately. ARTivity makes art events where employees are guided through a small creative project. You do not need any prior knowledge - perfect if you want to do something creative and / or try something new.

Studies show, that we become happy by creating with our hands. For example, when we paint or do something creative with our hands and we have done something we are happy and proud of, it is dopamine that is released. It is one of the hormones that is part of the brain's reward system and which makes us happy. Those of us who have been playing with artworks and painting know that paint is a tube of joy.

It can be a good medicine for stress, depression and other illnesses. When we work with our hands and immerse ourselves in a passion, one often becomes engrossed and forgets everything else. You may recognize that you have been so engrossed that the coffee got cold before you had time to drink it, or that you do not feel you have the time to go to the restroom because you are just in the middle of something. And this is healthy for the brain. You are in flow, and when this happens, the brain recovers and you de-stress.


It might not be the usual sort of a teambuiling activity but it is fun and interesting. People who did not draw since third grade will feel happy to do it. It helps you to unleash your creativity, to do something with your hands, to have your mind completely free from day-to-day tasks that you usually do in the office. You can also have fun and see the approach of every other at drawing and choosing colors, which might reveal some interesting things about them.

How does it work?

We do offer workshop at your company location. (Contact us for further information).

If you choose the online version, it could work like this:

You, (the employee) sign up for the event internal in your company
You receive an artbox with all the materials
You join our online event and create together with your collouges and the art teacher.

You do not need any art experience in our art events.

Examples of events:


Coffee Break - painting with coffee and aroma

COFFEE BREAK is the artbox that stimulates the senses. There is coffee aroma and creativity in the air. It is both fun and very meditative to do these two projects that come with this artbox.

Step by step you will learn how to create beutiful, artistic and creative coffee steam as your own artwork. In part two you will make a mosaik artwork - either as your own artwork or as an artwork for the company created by all participants.


Mandala - the perfect art tool to de-stress and enjoy

Learn how to make your own Mandala design.

It is the most beautiful way to get completely in flow, de-stress and just enjoy the time and the moment. The hours fly by without you noticing. The works will be really beautiful and there are many possibilities for variations.

No prior experience needed.

If you like, you are welcome to buy an aditional box as a present for somebody else.

The artbox includes the art idea, all materials, a recepie and a link to a video tutorial - all in Danish and English.

“Thank you so much for inspiring workshops. You are very pedagogical and I feel guided well on the way when you teach. You show the creative way "

"Love every second! Really inspiring and then you're just super talented Anne. Thank you so much for doing these workshops"

“ARTivity is a smart concept that only sells quality products, so if you buy one of their boxes or an event, you are sure of a positive experience. Also because Artivity is run by a lovely woman who is good at inspiring great and cozy creative moments, where you just learn something new while you relax. Try it - but be careful you become addicted. ”

Who is your teatcher

Passion & Mission

Hi, my name is Anne and I would love to be able to give you a wonderful creative experience. Whether you are a beginner or used to be creative, it is valuable, evolving and inspiring to be creative with others.

I have a passion for colors, paints and artwork. Creating and doing something creative is satisfying and a meditative activity that makes me happy. It is a source of joy but also of quality of life and balance. I want more people to get that.

As a an art teacher for the older students at schools, and in many creative workshops, I often experience the uncertainty of the students about their own skills. "I'm not creative", "I can not" and "I do not dare" are the barriers to get started and try. And that feeling does not automatically disappear with age. Therefore, it became part of my mission to create successful experiences - to show that you can do well with the right tools and help! So jump into it, try it and feel the success.

I hope to see you :)

I do ART events for both large and small groups and make workshops in Danish, English and German. Call and get the information you are missing.

I look forward to hearing from you

TEL. 28 44 68 71

Creative greetings Anne /ARTivity