One day retreat – Activate Your Alchemy

This is a unique 1-day immersion into a boutique retreat experience. Carefully curated to allow you to reconnect into your heart space at your pace. 

The Alchemy Retreat Day has something to offer every woman seeking to learn how to create and implement more peace, ease & grace, balance, and calm into her life. 

This Retreat provides the participant with an opportunity to connect inwards within your heart. You will experience a variety of holistic and alternative practices to soothe your nervous system, reconnect with that part called Self-Love, clear out limiting beliefs and create an abundance seed of the life you dream of.

Pay in Full - $395

Payment Plan - $98.75 x 4 fortnightly installments

Location - The Creative Wellness Studio, Contingent Street, Trafalgar

The next Alchemy Retreat is scheduled for Sunday 20th October 2024.

If you would prefer to make installment payments please use the link below.

Are you ready to carve out some time for yourself to learn ways to sit in the discomfort of unwanted big feelings, and receive the felt experience of true freedom and calm in your body?

This is your opportunity to do more than simply disconnect from your daily distractions. I have carved out a space to allow you to relish some quality me-time, and to deeply nurture your heart space.

I have named this unique transformation experience ‘Alchemy’. It’s offered as a small Group experience. There are only 20 seats in the circle.

The next Alchemy Retreat is scheduled for Sunday 20th October 2024.

***Please note ticket sales will close Friday 27th September 2024 to allow for finalisation + ordering of items for goodie bags.***

I often get asked what does Alchemy mean?

Alchemy is defined by the Oxford dictionary as "the medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir."

Oxford Dictionary recognises the reference used today as a "seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.”

In the busyness of our daily lives, how much energy and effort do you dedicate to your own process of transformation?

Just the word, alchemy itself is beautiful and rolls off the tongue. I find myself transfixed with the use of it everywhere as I embrace a new depth of transition in my life - the embracing of all of my life.

We will work collectively as a group, to connect and embrace your own unique alchemy through Heart Connection Practice.

I utilise a number of relaxation and healing modalities including Intuitive Heart Meditation, Wellness Coaching, Resource Therapy, NLP, and CBT to provide participants with a gentle and peaceful practice. 

Why combine modalities?

I created a unique blend of modality tools to enhance your capacity to experience and learn what works best for you. There are a myriad of techniques, tools and strategies that are shared within the retreat AND the retreat resource portal. 

In my personal and professional experience, the reality of healing is that no single modality or tool is the single answer for your self-love journey. The key to change is to know what tool to use in what situation.

As your Change Facilitator for Alchemy Activation, I recognise everyone will arrive with their own unique collection of experiences, tools and resources. No previous training or experience is required, all you will need is an open mind and open heart.

Working together, I will endeavour to provide you with a variety of opportunities to embrace the felt experience of peace and calm. Connecting with the feeling of peace enables you to consciously break down resistance to change. In turn, this enables you to learn how to restore calm in your life for the future, not just this day’s experience.

The combination of tools empowers participants to accept the invitation to take a quantum leap in their own personal spiritual growth. When you activate the power of your natural-born alchemy, you enable light-charged transformation.

People are like stained glass windows,
they sparkle and shine when the sun is out.
But when the darkness sets in
their beauty is revealed only
if there is a light from within. 

- Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Are you ready to light up from the inside?

Learning the practice of Heart Connection is a gorgeous way to gently release and cleanse negative emotions from your spiritual heart.

Participants will receive and experience:

  • Printed reflective journal and complimentary e-book
  • Self-inquiry and mindfulness practice with guided intuitive meditations and breathwork to explore topics like self acceptance, limiting beliefs and self worth
  • Experience the art of self love through meditation + resource therapy (to map your power resources and bring them out on deck to steer you forward)
  • Gentle targeted breath + body exercises and movements to shift stagnant energy and restore your flow
  • VIP goodie bag containing boutique Alchemy Essence (designed by Karen), crystal, selection of affirmation cards
  • lifetime access to Alchemy Retreat Resource Portal
  • catering included (morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea)

all rolled into a single day so you can prioritise yourself.

Gift yourself this day to retreat with Change Facilitator - Resource Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Kinesiologist, Intuitive Meditation Facilitator, and Wellness Coach -  Kaz Humphries, so that you too can immerse into the light of your heart, embrace some deep rest, be nurtured and come back to yourself. 

This will be a gentle rewilding to restore your natural and uncultivated state. This retreat has been designed for you to return to your heart’s natural state of expression – love and joy.

We shall work as a women’s circle, harnessing the energies of the collective, and shedding the domestication of the external world. Together we shall sift through your stories, thoughts and feelings and support you to align to your authentic space of heart-felt joy that resonates a vibration deeply through your body.

This retreat is designed to support you to step away from the busyness of daily life, turn off your phone and simply untangle the thoughts and feelings that reside deep within. Through mindful breathwork, we shall relearn the breath of calm. When you can deeply exhale, you will have finally arrived at a space to allow your light to shine, to renew the miraculous and unique creature you are. We shall invoke the frequency of your rewilding.

Wait no more!

Registration for the Alchemy Retreat is now open. If this resonates for you, pre-register your details and receive your invitation to purchase your seat at this exclusive event. 

Payment plans available.

Your investment in this event is $395.

Ticket sales close Friday 27th September to allow for event planning and ordering of items for goodie bags.

If you would prefer to make installment payments please use the link below.