Astrology for Healing 

Giving Event 2021

VIRTUAL Astrology Giving Event

March 20 - May 22

Do you find yourself asking: Now what? Where do I go from here? 

How can I use astrology to move forward in this new paradigm? 

What does the astrology say about the future? 

How can I heal when I am required and need to be socially distant?

How can I feel and experience a community? 

How can I find "my tribe"?  

How might I engage and help others at this difficult time and feel fulfilled in real community?

At the Astrology for Healing event, you will:

  • Receive high quality knowledge from the best astrologers specifically speaking to how astrology is used for healing perceptions, negative emotions, old paradigms that you may not realize are still operating in your every day life. 
  • Hear important insights that illuminate how your personal astrology is operating within the new planetary energies
  • Become empowered to successfully navigate new paradigms as they emerge using forecasts for the coming year and beyond
  • Renew your spirit in a warm and welcoming community of like-minded individuals wanting to heal personally and collectively
  • Elevate your understanding of astrological wisdom

  • Know that by participating in this healing event the bottom-line helps thousands of others through SEVEN (7) organizations and businesses in our sharing the abundance of this event with them.  YOUR participation and interest in healing with astrology then helps others!  And this will be shared with transparency through the event by your host Sarrah Christensen.  

Relax and enjoy a unique schedule designed for your busy life.  Your participation helps you and others, its a gift you give yourself and others which feels good and is healing in the way we engage with life that is purposeful and meaningful.  Come join us, we are looking forward to sharing this with you! 


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January 21, 2021 

12:30 am PST  


March 20 - May 22 2021


This is an Astrology community healing and giving event between March 20th - May 22nd, 2021. 

Mar 20

10:30 AM PDT - Opening 

11:00 Am PDT - Speaker:  Samuel Reynolds 

Mar 27

9:00 AM PDT - Speaker: Gemini Brett

Apr 10

9:00 AM PDT - Speaker:  Juliana McCarthy 

Apr 17

9:00 AM PDT - Speaker: Tamira McGillivray

May 01

9:00 AM PDT - Speaker: Marie O'Neill 

May 15

9:00 AM PDT - Speaker: Michael Bartlett 

May 22

9:00 AM PDT - Speaker: Sarrah Christensen 

11:00 AM PDT Closing

Meet our speakers

This event was inspired into creation to support healing in our world.  This inspiration is to act with the intention of healing our community.  Sharing astrology and helping others understand how to apply astrology in their life to heal.  We intend to help support small business and community groups financially that support healing in a variety of ways.  We celebrate the unique, complex, and beautiful world in which we live.  Together,  we create something new.

Our full website will be launching soon!  Thank you!  Your subscribing now helps us gauge early interest and how else we can share this event with the community of souls interested in this event and healing with astrology wisdom.  


Samuel Reynolds


Gemini Brett


Juliana McCarthy


Tamira McGillivray


Marie O'Neill


Michael Bartlett

Hosted by


Sarrah Christensen

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