Some of the brands I've worked with:

What Bitesize sessions deliver:

Clarity on your research goals:  what you need to do to achieve your business objectives, and what the research needs to deliver.

Understanding: which questions you need to ask (and how to ask them so that you engage people, and you're not getting biased answers)

Targeting:  Decide who you need to take part in your research (and how to find them)

An achievable plan: Pick the right research method for the job (and I guide you on how to do it effectively)

And most importantly, clear insight and action planning... we work together to get the 'so what' from your results.  

What people say


1.5 hour mini workshop   £397

Bundle of four 1.5 hour sessions   £1297  (Useful if you want a structured process or regular checkins through a project)

Half day intensive session  £697

Full day intensive session   £997