Beginners Yoga Workshop 

Saturday 21st January 2:00-4:00PM 

Would you like to give yoga a go but feel intimidated by joining a class or maybe you have had a break and want a refresher?  

  • When you are new to yoga starting a class (or commiting to a course of classes without really knowing what you are letting yourself in for) can be very intimidating.
  • Even if you have practised yoga in the past, starting a class again can also be a little scary.

Hey I'm Sarah and I want to invite you to try yoga with me. 

I am a yoga teacher based in Aylesbury and I have the perfect solution for you especially if you do not want to commit to a course of class just yet.  

I am holding a 2-hour workshop designed to give you a taster of yoga and if needed a refresher.  

This is the perfect opportunity to try it out in a way which will fully support your individual needs.

Just 2 hours to find out if yoga is for you.  

This is truly a 'no risk' way of giving yoga a go.

    Why Practise Yoga?

    Yoga is an amazing practice to help you keep fit and healthy both in body and mind.  It is the perfect body and mind MOT.

    Imagine this:

    • How would you feel to finally be free of those pesky aches and pains?
    • How would you feel to have a body which can move well and allow you to do all of the things you love.
    • How would you feel about knowing exactly how to relax and recharge 
    • How would you feel about having lots of tools which will help you navigate life's challenges?

      I would like you to invite you to give yoga and get a taster of all the above benefits in my 2-hour beginners yoga workshop

      When And Where?

      Saturday January 21st

      2pm until 4.00pm

      Sarah's Garden Studio, Bedgrove

      What You Will Learn:

      • How to perform yoga breathing (the perfect antidote to stress and an busy lifestyle)  
      • An introduction to some of the key basic yoga postures which crop up in most classes.
      • A taster of a simple vinyasa yoga flow (moving your body with the breath).  You will experience just how yoga can work your body but at the same time soothe the mind.
      • An introduction to meditation (learn one simple meditation tool which you can practise again and again.

      Why Come to This Workshop?


      • This is a fail safe way of trying out yoga without commiting to a series of classes.  
      • There are only 6 places available so that you will be able to try things out in a small, intimate, informal and safe environment.   
      • You will have the opportunity of getting practically 1-1 help and guidance from Sarah throughout the workshop.


        • Handout of all we cover so that you have a record of what we  cover in the workshop.
        • Early Bird Discount for Sarah's longer yoga for beginners course starting in February if you book your workshop place before January 6th
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        Frequently Asked Questions

        I am really unfit. Can I still join?

        Absolutely. The amazing thing about yoga is that you can mould the practice to suit your current health and fitness level.  As you progress, so does your yoga.

        Do I need anything?

        No - this is a workshop for complete beginners.  Just bring yourself (make sure you come in comfy clothes).  If you do have a yoga mat please do bring it though and any other props you might have.

         I can't touch my toes.  Can I really do yoga?

        Yes, of course you can.  Yoga is for everybody.  It is a practise that can mould to whatever starting point you are.  If you are pretty stiff yoga will help you improve your flexibility and mobility over time - two major components that will help keep you free of injury and out of pain.

        I'm scared I am going to feel or look silly.

        This is why there are only 6 spaces available. I want you to feel like you can be yourself and learn in a safe, informal and fun environment. I want you to have a great time trying out a practice which I am so passionate about because it changed my life for the better! I want you to have a fun time with plenty of opportunities to try things out and ask questions. You are in safe hands.

        About Sarah Lou Yoga

        Hey, I'm Sarah and I have been teaching yoga since 2008

        I am super passionate about helping people find joy in movement and peace of mind in our hectic lives.

        Yoga is an amazing tool for self awareness, empowerment and healing

        Through yoga I have found the fittest, most mobile, and happiest version of myself.  It has helped me heal from chronic lower back pain and sciatica and it continues to support my health and wellbeing goals to this day.

        Why does yoga work?  

        Well, in a nutshell it is a mind and body movement practice which helps you to get to know yourself intimately. It is this initimate relationship with yourself which guides you to the path of self healing and discovery. 

        Yoga is my best friend for keeping my body strong, mobile and injury resislient and my mind calm and happy.  I am very excited to share all that I have learnt with you so that you can achieve the body you want and enjoy life to the full.


        Start Your Yoga Journey Today

        • What have you got to lose.  Just 2 hours of your time to try out a practice which will change your life! 
        • Make January the time to try yoga out.
        • Sign up today and I will look forward to welcoming you on the mat.

        Don't delay for too long though. Only 6 spaces are available so save your place today