Learn how to improve your hip mobility to get rid of irritating stiffness and pain.

Start Date: Saturday 13th May 2023

Where:  Sarah's Garden Studio, Bedgrove, Aylesbury

Time:  2.00pm-4.30pm

Here is an invitation to join my small, intimate and bespoke happy hips with yoga workshop

      About The Workshop 

      Tight and immobile hips are common nowadays as we don’t move around as much as we used to due to all of our modern lifestyles.

      The hip area is meant to be incredibly mobile so that we can move our legs, sideways (abduction), forwards (flexion), backwards (extension), towards one another (think squeezing a cushion) (adduction), inwards (internal rotation) and outwards (external rotation).

      Yoga is the perfect practice to help us keep our hips super happy and healthy.

      This workshop aims to help you get the most out of yoga's most popular hip releasing poses so that you can have happy hips for life.

            This Worshop Is Ideal For You if:

            • you have trouble sitting cross-legged?
            • you have a love-hate relationship with pigeon pose?
            • you suffer from lower back pain or knee pain?
            • you feel tight in your inner thighs area?
            • you get butt pain?
            • you feel stiff getting in and out of a chair, the car or even out of bed?
            • you would just love to get more out of those juicy hip-focussed yoga poses.

                What To Expect:

                Opening Circle 

                • short introductions and hello 's so we can share our hip stories

                Release, Reset and Realign

                • The first part of the journey is to help the body find a happier alignment.  
                • We will use the first part of the workshop to improve our posture.  When the pelvis is in a better place your hips will naturally start to re-balance, reset and release a little.  
                • Some of this will involve some fascial massage techniques that will soothe and release any tension in the muscles


                • After the above we will go through some drills to improve the mobility of the hips.


                • We will then move onto practising some poses and therpeutic strengthening moves to help you build strength in the hip area (especially the muscles that tend to be weaker (aka the glutes)!


                  • After strengthening the weaker muscles we will focus on stretching out the tight and unhappy ones that make us feel that our hips feel super stiff and tight.  


                  • After all the hard work we will finish the workshop with a traditional yoga savasana (full relaxation) to help you unwind and help your body consolidate everything we have done.


                  00 Days
                  00 Hours
                  00 Mins
                  00 Secs

                  There are only 6 spaces available.  Why?

                  • so you receive individualised attention
                  • it will be like having your very own private yoga teacher for an afternoon
                  • feel comfortable enough to ask questions and get exactly what you need from the workshop
                  • so that by the end you will have a personalised practice for your neck and shoulders that you can take home and repeat.  
                  • so you can learn in a safe, informal, fun and friendly space.

                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Do I need any equipment?

                  No, my studio will provide you with all of the yoga props that you will need.  You can of course bring your own if you wish.

                  I'm scared I am going to feel or look silly.

                  This is why there are only 6 spaces available. I want you to feel like you can be yourself and learn in a safe, informal and fun environment. I want you to have a great time trying out a practice which I am so passionate about because it changed my life for the better! I want you to have a fun time with plenty of opportunities to try things out and ask questions. You are in safe hands.

                  Is this workshop suitable for beginners or those new to exercise?

                  I am a great believer is practising yoga to suit your body and your goals.  Yoga is designed to mould to what you need not the other way around.  Everything you will learn in the workshop is suitable for all levels of yoga experience whether you are a complete beginner or more advanced in your practice.  

                  I can’t touch my toes. Can I do yoga?

                  YES - YOU CAN DO YOGA!!! We all practice yoga to become MORE flexible. In fact I am always telling people that the stiffer you are, the better you are at yoga!

                  Am I too old to start or benefit from yoga?

                  No no no - a smart yoga practice works for you and your body, not the other way around. This is why I love yoga. You can fine-tune your practice to suit your particular goals whether it is just to chill out more or build body strength and confidence.