Prosecco & Yoga Afternoon Retreat

Yoga is the perfect practice to welcome in the summer solstice (the longest day of the year).  I would like to invite you to join me for an indulgent afternoon of yoga followed by a glass of prosecco and company...

Start Date: Saturday 17th June 2023

Where:  Sarah's Garden Studio, Bedgrove

Time:  2.30-5.30

Cost: £56 (includes cost of drinks/snacks)

Are you ready to celebrate you, your life, your hopes and dreams to come at this magical time of year?

      Yoga and the Seasons

      The summer solstice is a time in the yoga calender for self reflection - a time to reconnect to our dreams and desires.  To let go of what no longer serves us and look forward to a happier and more fulfilling future. 

            The Afternoon's Schedule

            Opening Circle 

            • time to come together and centre ourselves and connect with the summer energy with some body and breath awareness.

            108 Sun Salutations

            • One of the  ways we can connect to our inner selves is by connecting our breath and movement on the mat.
            • It is traditional to perform 108 sun salutations around the summer solstice for this reason.  The repetition of similar poses dancing in rhythm to the breath is a powerful form of meditation.  It will help you give your mind a chance to find some distance away from our everyday worries and concerns; you will be able to tap into your inner voice and wisdom
            • Why 108?

              108 is a sacred number in many traditions because the average distance between the sun to the moon and the moon to the Earth is 108 times their individual diameters.  If that has blown your mind, just look at the list of benefits practising 108 sun salutations will do your body, mind and soul:

              • Creates energy in your physical and mental body
              • Detoxes and cleanses your body
              • Builds internal heat
              • Activates your prana
              • Releases stuck energy and emotions
              • Reminds you to surrender and be present
              • Builds mental resilience
              • Builds strength and stamina

            Yin Yoga

            • Enjoy some cooling poses to slow everything down and allow your body and mind to get ready for a long and well earned relaxation.

              Savasana/Meditation/Summer Solstice Readings.

              • Let me lead you through a magical summer solstice meditation so help finish you journey into self awareness and inner peace.

                  Journal time

                  • Many believe it is the perfect time to check in with our hopes, dreams and goals.
                  • Journalling is the perfect way to revisit intentions, and set new ones for the coming months.
                  • We will spend a quiet moment after meditation to note down anything that came up for us

                  Closing Circle/Prosecco (or non-alcholic drink)

                  • We will close the retreat by sharing a drink, having a chat (maybe sharing our journal scribblings) and just chilling out...

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                  Where We Will Meet and What To Bring

                  This will hopefully be an outside event in Sarah's Garden/studio.

                  You will need to bring:

                  • a yoga mat
                  • something to drink (water)
                  • Lots of layers (you will change temperature so it is good to come in layers that you can shed and then put on again.
                  • Any props that you enjoy using in your practice (blocks and straps for example)
                  • A blanket for relaxation and meditation

                    Further information

                    I'm a beginner.  Is this retreat for me?

                    I am a great believer that yoga is for everyone at any time in their journey.   However, due to the inclusion of the 108 sun salutation practice,  this retreat may not suit anyone who is completely new to movement or hasn't exercised for a while.  However, if you are a beginner and would love to come please do let me know in advance so we can chat and check that this retreat is a good fit.  We will be exploring quite  a few variations of sun salutations so I am confident that there will be a variation that suits you on the day. 

                    What if I need a rest at any point during the sun salutations.  Do I have to do them all?

                    You can certainly rest at any point and no you do not have to do them all. In fact I will be adding rest breaks at regular intervals!  We will not be pumping out 108 sun salutation all at once. This is retreat experience so I want you to enjoy it in a way that suits your body and energy levels on the day.   This is experience is going to be fun, safe and very informal.  The important thing is to spend time with our bodies and minds using the breath as the bridge to take us there.

                    I don't drink.  Will there be an alternative on offer along with prosecco?

                    There will be non-alcoholic drinks available as well as prosceco!   I will also offer some small snacks as I think we may need them!

                    What if it rains on the day?

                    This is always a risk but I am hoping that we will be lucky.  It might be worth just bring a light raincoat just in case.  If it is really bad then I will hold the event inside my studio.