Yoga For Body Balance & Core Strength Workshop

Learn how resistance bands, yoga blocks, yoga straps and blankets can better posture, body balance and core strength.

Start Date: Saturday 15th July

Where:  Sarah's Garden Studio, Bedgrove, Aylesbury

Time:  2pm - 4.30pm

Cost: £38

Is This You?

  • Do you hate getting older and feeling weaker?
  • Do you hate having to spend precious time at the gym and not getting anywhere with your health and fitness goals?
  • You wish you didn't have a flabby stomach.
  • One side of your body feels and 'works' differently to the other.
  • You are suffering with annoying aches and pains or have an injury (or have had injuries in the past).
  • You hate crunches and traditional abdominal strengthening exercises.

    Take A Moment Now And Imagine This ...

    • You feel strong, mobile and confident in your body.
    • You feel more balanced and symmetrical on both sides
    • You are able to enjoy all the things you love doing in your life without aches and pains.
    • You don't suffer with annoying injuries as much as you used to.
    • You are feeling 10 years younger and finally have that flat stomach again

        This is Where 'Prop' Yoga Can Help

        Yoga by itself does promote functional body strength, body balancemobility and flexibility and with it amazing holistic core strength.  

        Add a few props to your mat practice and you will take it up a gear!

        With the addition of props you learn more about your own unique body as it they help to teach you where your imbalances and 'weaknesses' are.   This is harder to learn without them.

        If you are serious about growing old without growing weak 'prop yoga' will really point you on the right track.

               Join me for a fun, informal  workshop to learn just how to improve your body balance with a range of yoga props.

              What To Expect:

              • Quick introduction and opening circle
              • Quick run through on the yoga props we will use and how to use them.
              • A 90 minute class focusing on body balance and core strength using yoga straps, bands, yoga bricks and blanket.
              • Cool down and full relaxation.

              There will be plenty of time to stop, play and ask questions so that you really get the space to feel how the different props can help you build strength and symmetry in the body.


              The first 3 people to book will receive a FREE set of made up resistance bands matched to their height to take home so you can continue to reap the benefits of 'prop' yoga.

              This Workshop is for you if:

              1. You are looking for new ways to build body strength and body balance through your yoga practice.
              2. You are interested in getting free from aches and pains for good.
              3. You want to balance your body so that you are more resilient to injury.
              4. You want to age well so that you can keep enjoying moving your body the way you want to.
              5. You are curious and love utilising props in your yoga practice.
              6. If you know that you are one-sided (most of us are).
              7. If you suffer with poor posture and would like to improve it.
              8. If you want a strong core and beat lower back pain.

              There are only 6 spaces available so you get a bespoke and individualised experience.

              Frequently Asked Questions

              I 'm a complete beginner. Can I do this workshop?

              This workshop does require you to have some yoga or fitness experience, so it will not suit complete beginners.

              Am I too old for this workshop?

              No no and no - age is just a number.  It has been scienticially proven that as you get older you lose a lot of muscle strength.  Nip it in the bud now and learn how a simple bit of kit can promote body strength, mobility and flexibility.

              Do I need any equipment?

              No,  I will supply all of the yoga props unless you wish to bring your own (including yoga mats).  Do come in clothes that you can exercise easily in and also bring a bottle of water.

              I'm scared I am going to feel or look silly.

              This workshop is for a small group of fun loving, non-serious, out to have a laugh whilst moving their bodies, kinda people.   Yoga is all about exploring  your body and helping it to move better and feel better.  Sarah will support you every step of the way and you can try as much or as little as you like.  Sarah will have your back and take care of you whether you are a complete beginner or have been doing yoga for a while.

              I hope that you will join me and have fun playing and exploring yoga props in your practice.