Creating Vision, Clarity, and Purpose in your 2021 Homeschool 

The question is not how to survive, but how to thrive, with passion, compassion, humour, and style.

Maya Angelou

Know Your Why.

  • What are your homeschool goals?
  • Why you homeschool affects how you homeschool.
  • Life your homeschool life on purpose.
  • Facilitate your kids' purpose.

The goal is to thrive, not just survive our homeschools.

Teresa Wiedrick

Find Your Vision.

  • Have a vision.
  • Change your vision.
  • Recognize your child's vision.
  • Adjust your vision again.

What's Your Purpose?

  • Who are You Anyway?
  • Unschool Yourself
  • Find Fun, Alone Time, and Learning for You

Build on the Charms.

  • What can you contribute?
  • Observe your children.
  • Make a declaration.
  • Recognize your freedoms.

Accept the Challenges.

  • Be honest with yourself, what do you need?
  • What do your kids need?
  • Be proactive, not reactive.
  • Where do you need to grow?