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Stories included

✨ Beans - Laurie Janey ✨

In the far future, an aunt tries to explain what the "skyfarm" is without scaring her young niece.

✨ A Bitter Chalice - Nerine Dorman ✨

Will Kado follow his family's religious fervor to his own destruction?

✨ Temporary - Cristy Zinn ✨

A refugee tries to come to terms with her past by undergoing an alien ritual.

✨ The Spark - Tallulah Lucy ✨

Children experiment with their powers in a world where magic is outlawed.

✨ Avenger - Icy Sedgwick ✨

Arabella is granted a gift from the gods that could bring her release or retribution depending on how she chooses to use it.

✨ Cry Baby - Toby Bennett ✨

A horror story about a mysterious hole in the wall and the family it dooms.

✨ How to Destroy A.N.G.E.Ls - Suzanne van Rooyen ✨

Talvi tattoos a cybernetic being who is programmed to destroy all magic users like her.

✨ Robin of Locksley - Yolandie Horak ✨

A dark post-apocalyptic gender-swapped retelling of Robin Hood.

✨ Deprecated - Masha du Toit ✨

What happens to an old astronaut when she's no longer useful?

✨ Jude the Ghost - Cat Hellisen ✨

In a future where water is scarce, an assassin infiltrates a water cult.