Your YouTube Channel is NOT Helping Your Business...yet.

You've tried all the hacks...

10-minute videos aren't making a difference.

Small YouTuber sharing groups are wasting your time.

Crying in your thumbnail isn't getting attention.

But 4,000 hours of watch time in one year still seems impossible. 

Or impossible for you. You see other channels exploding while your channel is stuck.

And you're not getting the new subscriber growth that should be fueling your business. It's just flat.

Here's the problem.

Your videos need to perform much better in SEARCH and in SUGGESTEDS for your channel to get found.

What you have been doing isn't helping your videos rank higher in search results. And it's not causing your videos to be suggested after trending videos. So new people aren't finding you.

This masterclass takes your channel from stagnation to monetization:

Introducing the Getting Found On YouTube Masterclass


Nail Your Niche

How to show YouTube and viewers exactly what your channel is about.


Popularity Piggyback

How to find relevant videos that are getting views and get suggested after them.


Awareness in Stages

How to make videos that attract people who don't know about you yet.


Mandatory Metadata

The 4 Pillars of dominating Search and Suggesteds.