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Treasured Memories (& other stories)

The ghosts in the attic; the photos in an album; the faces we can't quite forget. Memories haunt us all. The question is what is there to do about them?
Five stories, five fates; sometimes sad, sometimes happy, always touching. Follow these five characters for a day, a week, a month in their lives and discover what it is that haunts them.

  • TREASURED MEMORIES - where a man and his grandfather connect through the mementos in an attic;
  • SOULFUL MUSIC - where a woman observes a piano man in the apartment across the street before finally daring to go over;
  • THE CLINIC - where a man enters an unusual clinic in the hope that it will cure a very usual problem;
  • THE CARETAKER - where the caretaker of an old, abandoned theater cares for more than just the building;
  • A TRAIN STORY - where a man boards a very peculiar train only to face himself.