Sign ups for the April cohort of From Frazzled Boss to Inspiring Leader are now closed. 

We'll be running this programme again in Summer 2021 and will open up sign ups again in early June. 

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A 12 week programme to equip you with the tools to become a calm, creative and confident leader, delivered by me, Jennifer McCanna - Leadership Coach.

You're a talented manager, and in pre-covid times leading a team felt different - it was easier to build relationships, and your technical expertise helped you get the job done. 

But 12 months in, it feels different and you need to be an expert communicator to keep your team engaged and motivated. Does the following story sound familiar?  

  • It's much harder to build trusting relationships through a screen - you miss all the face to face chats after meetings or in the kitchen. 
  • Your team seem tired or disengaged and there's more friction with other teams than there used to be. 
  • You worry about those who are furloughed and those who aren't. 
  • You worry about the new starters who have never met anyone in person. Maybe you yourself are a new starter and it's tough. 
  • You worry about the working parents and those working in a shared house with no personal space and those who live alone, feel isolated and are still on work emails at 10pm. 

You're hearing 'I've no energy and can't do it anymore' from your team as well as 'these projects still need to be delivered' from your own manager. So how do you balance all the competing demands? 

You do your job because you want to make a difference, but you are starting to feel demotivated, and even a bit resentful. And there's more change ahead in the shape of a return to the office - what will that look like? No one knows! 

Your experience of being a manager over the last 12 months is not what you signed up for. Now is a perfect time to equip yourself with the tools to lead your team calmly, creatively and with confidence. Want to swap overwhelmed and exhausted for optimistic and ready for anything? 

Why I've created From Frazzled Boss to Inspiring Leader

Building strong work relationships is the difference between being an okay boss and a brilliant one. I also believe that behind every really successful leader is a network of really productive, trusting relationships. 

From Frazzled Boss to Inspiring Leader focuses on the key skills & approaches you need to help you transform your work relationships, so can become a calm, creative and confident communicator, whatever the challenge. 

Kicking off on 22nd April, over 12 weeks in this small group programme, with 1-1 coaching elements, I will lead you through my 5 step framework to focus on skills and approaches you can put into practice right away. 

1. Creative. We'll start by exploring the neuroscience behind creating a positive work environment and how you can unlock your creativity. 

2. Coach. It's not always appropriate to coach but if you want to empower your team to come up with their own solutions, freeing up your time to be creative and strategic, a coaching mindset and coaching skills are essential.

3. Confident. Discover what makes a high performing team and how to choose the right approach for each of your team members so you have a positive conversation. 

4. Calm. Learn how to prepare to have those difficult conversations about performance or behaviour, and create your own plan for staying calm in the moment. 

5. Communicator. Great leadership starts with self-awareness so we'll use the Emotions & Behaviours model to start looking what drives you at work and how this understanding helps you choose how to communicate with colleagues at levels so they'll listen.

If you want to feel motivated, recharged and re-connected to your team and your job, then...

What does the programme include? 

I mix video content, highly interactive small group sessions and a forum to share ideas and reflections through a private group on social media. 

It is not only a smart and flexible way to learn but a great way of connecting with managers in other organisations - you’ll be building a fantastic network as you go.

You’ll learn through:

  • 2 x 1-1 coaching calls with me, so we can hone in on your specific challenges and set some learning goals especially for you 
  • 5 x 2 hour group calls so we can learn from each other and benefit from being part of a community of like-minded managers experiencing the same thing 
  • Five video based modules in bite size chunks so you learn the theory in an engaging way at a time that suits you
  • plus suggestions for further reading if you're feeling keen!

You’ll have actions to complete between calls which you will help design so they are relevant to you and move you forward. 

All this will be underpinned by a group on social media (e.g. Facebook) so we can support each other along the way, and where I’ll regularly go Live to answer questions. 

There’s room for you to bring your own management challenges and get support from me, and the group, on what can help you in the moment.

There are also two bonus C's just for you in this programme: Community - you'll be part of a wonderful group of like-minded managers to share learning & challenges with, and Cheerleading - you'll get all the support you need from your very own leadership coach - that's me! 

You will leave a calm, confident and creative leader, feeling motivated, supported and energised, with a tool box full of approaches you can use to inspire your team, and motivate yourself.

You’ll also have had time to practice these approaches - your confidence & resilience as a leader will soar. The only way is up! 

Who am I?

What people say about learning with me

"One of the most effective sessions I think I’ve ever attended, excellent structure, style, focus, good balance between chat, thought and writing"

"Jen’s instantly likeable and great at what she does. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough!"

"I hope to draw on Jen’s empathy, warmth and superb coaching skills for many years to come"