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14-Day Creativity Challenge

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The problem:

You're stuck in a creative rut

Life is INSANE these days. Seriously. Personally, I am raising two kids, working a technical writing job, and running VanDuinen Studio. In a pandemic. Yeah.

Stress can really wear on your creativity, and sometimes you find yourself completely stuck, feeling like no new ideas will ever come to you. Luckily, I have a solution that might help!

The solution:

A daily challenge

When you're feeling blocked, an easy way to find your creative spark is to let someone else do the thinking. Just like with writing, sometimes a prompt is all you need to rediscover your unique, creative perspective on the world around you.

I love working with prompts now and then. Banking on the assumption that I'm not the only one, I've put together a series of 14 prompts that will get you drawing (or painting, or making collages) again.

What you'll need:

First, sign up!

It's totally free! Forever. Pinky promise.

I designed the series to be workable with literally any supplies you may have around. My directions are geared toward sketching because I figured 99% of people could scrape up a pen and some paper, but feel free to bend the non-existent rules. Interpret the prompts in any mediums you love to work with.

Yes! I'd like the daily prompts:

Meet the Artist

Hannah VanDuinen

I am a mixed media artist, illustrator, and owner of VanDuinen Studio. My goal is to inject some extra color and vibrancy into this world, adding a little more beauty to the chaos. On my website, I offer original works of art, adult coloring books, stationery, and more. In my weekly newsletter, I deliver stories, new sources of inspiration, and featured artists, all selected with the intention of helping like-minded art lovers find their creative spark.