Nervous about your Two Week Wait?





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Hi! I'm Kiki

After 4 IUI's and 3 Transfers, I'm pretty familiar with the TWW.

I know you want this to work SO badly, and once you get to your transfer there is a feeling like there is nothing more you can do to influence a positive outcome.


You can control how you choose to spend the time between your transfer and your beta.

The Two Week Wait Challenge program is all about bringing inspiration, and the infinite value of experiencing 7 TWW's myself, to the most difficult 14 days following the embryo transfer.
The energy, and excitement and hope and belief are HIGH on transfer day and a few days after. But within a few days, doubt starts to creep in, and it's a long way to your beta.
The TWW Challenge delivers daily inspiration, hope, encouragement as well as activities to keep the energy and the faith high, to keep the mindset positive and to keep you busy while you pass the time.


By purchasing the Two Week Wait Challenge, you are not only doing something good for YOU during the TWW, but 10% of all profits will be donated to Until IVF costs are covered by all insurance, I will be working hard to support in their mission to make access to and insurance coverage of infertility treatments universal. 
Thank you for helping to make a difference for our TTC Sisters.

<> I have been in your shoes. <>

<> I have spent months and years longing to be a mom. <>

<> I have put my life on hold while I go after this goal. <>  

<> And I have watched the days and months pass by without the double lines on the home pregnancy test.  <>

Now, I am able to provide you with the support I wish I had.  Daily inspiration, activities and tools that will help the dreaded two week wait be a little less stressful and go by just a little bit faster.