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Options for learning the Grief Recovery Method®

Group Class starts February 22nd and ends April 26th, 2022 (TBA / 4 person minimum)

Group Zoom fair

Learning the Grief Recovery Method means each learner learns and practices how to lighten the emotional weight that comes from losing the chance that things will ever be different or better or more. Learning as a group establishes a sense of camaraderie among learners that addresses the emotional isolation a griever can be dealing with. The group learning format also provides an opportunity for grievers to be heard and not fixed; for witnessing others compassionately, which is a big part of creating safe space to learn and heal. 

Private Sessions start as soon as you like

Private Zoom

Any number of reasons may compel you to consider learning the Grief Recovery Method privately, and I got you covered! We schedule 9  sessions in advance and start as soon as you like. 

Benefits to Learning the Grief Recovery Method

Recovering from Grief means...

Learner Feedback

The way we dig into our own losses and past to apply a powerful method to learn how to grieve in a healthy way is impressive and very helpful. We've learned so much in just weeks. 

" ... "

As I worked through the method I found I brought back parts of myself that had been submerged or "gone missing."

I think I am stronger and more confident as I go through my grief, not just "back to normal."

" ... "

Looking at my grief helped me to realize the baggage that I carried without having an effective way to deal with it. 

I am very grateful to have been able to attend this class. A heavy load on my shoulders has been lifted.