Mo.Ré collective was founded in 2017 in Berlin by a group of dancers who gathered with the desire to exchange, research and grow in their movement and teaching practices.

Embodied Research is a class open to all, taught each time by a different member of the collective. The class is a guided movement research session using imagery and improvisational tasks. The class encourages our awareness and curiosity and offers a shift from our everyday physical behaviour into a dancing, grooving, playful one.

Mo.Ré teachers are: Tamar Grosz, Nitsan Margaliot, Juan Corres, Helin Pchali, Stephanie Amurao and Whitney Cover.

Our classes in Berlin : 

 join on Tuesday, 20.00 at Tanzfabrik

join on Thursday, 19.30 at DOCK11


enjoys listening in, lying on the floor, getting inspired by the complexity of human anatomy, getting overloaded with ideas, and then letting the body rest or fly in motion.

Stephanie has learned that everything we need already exists inside of us. Dancing is an opportunity to unlock these subtleties and indulge in where this can take us.

dances in order to ask questions, to relate. He believes you already dance by reading this. His joy when teaching is to notice, to confuse oneself and to make strange faces.

Tamar’s favorite color is invisible, because it leads to endless research. She connects elements of spirituality and searches for empowerment through physical experience.