Learning Norwegian - Where To Start?

Get the free quick guide to jumpstart your Norwegian language learning journey.

It can be confusing when you arrive to Norway and you don’t know where to go to learn or practice Norwegian. You know you need to learn the language - maybe to get a job, make conversations with locals easier or feel more at home here. But where should you go? How much will you have to pay? Are there free services to help me?

This free guide is perfect for newcomers to Norway who want to learn and improve their Norwegian, but need help to know where to start. As well as those who are looking for new resources to improve their Norwegian.

With this guide, you won’t miss out any longer on opportunities to learn and practice Norwegian because you didn’t know about them! You’ll be educated with all the information you need to know.

     You will get:

  • A list of Norwegian language providers based in Oslo with their weblinks
  • A list of free language cafes
  • Recommended apps to download
  • Free online resources
  • A glossary of basic Norwegian words you will come across when browsing for Norwegian language courses