It started as a mystery with the promise of romance ...

A chance meeting of two strangers in a deserted French hotel in the Mekong Delta starts them on a journey in search of elusive truths —  uncovering evidence of corrupt charities, unscrupulous drug companies, and state complicity.

With Vietnam’s history, landscape and culture as a backdrop, their voyage together becomes as much about the geography of their own spirits and emotions as it is about the country through which they travel, raising complex moral and ethical questions as their emerging love is tested by the corruption they’re forced to confront.

With timely echoes of John le Carré’s The Constant Gardener, A.I. Fabler  raises questions about Big Pharma and state collusion that have never been more relevant than today.

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"A.I. Fabler's The Seed of Corruption is a heady stew of influences, from John le Carre and Graham Greene to the dark journeys of Apocalypse Now and Heart of Darkness. Fabler's beautifully evocative, clever writing, however, transcends pastiche to emerge as a hauntingly original work." — Edward Sung, IndieReader

"Fabler crafts an intriguing tale, edging more toward the literary than the suspenseful, with polished prose touched with poetry." — Booklife Reviews

"It is a very thought-provoking read, reflective of the strange, intimidating times that we find ourselves living in, written with aplomb and a very wry tone which gives the book an undertone of humour despite the serious matters proposed. I really liked it, and if you are a fan of William Boyd, or hints of espionage or conspiracy theories, you will find much to like here. If you like them all, then you will love it." — Rachel Deeming, Reedsy Discovery



 The Seed of Corruption
 A.I. Fabler  (
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 384 pages (120,000 words)
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