The beauty industry can be a scary place.

 So much information and misinformation. Unrealistic expectations of how we should look and what we should buy weighs heavy on our souls sometimes. Shopping for makeup can be a super intimidating experience. My goal is to help you make sense of it all and empower you to take back control. I hope you join in the fun!

Spring In Style: Skincare and Makeup Guide 2018 By Natalie Setareh

The Face Behind The Brushes

natalie setareh makeup artist wiesbaden Germany international mua

Hi, I'm Natalie!

The beauty industry can be an intimidating {and scary} space! Fortunately for you it’s an industry I’ve been working in for decades. I’m an internationally recognized Makeup Artist, Makeup Educator, and bonafide Makeup Aficionado.

Thanks for popping in! I hope you enjoy the guide as much as I enjoyed creating it! Look forward to making up with you!

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