The National Association of Teachers of Singing

Is hosting vocal competition/ajudication 

Nov 4, 2023 10:00am-5:00 pm  

Cal State East Bay, Hayward, CA

Winners concert - 6:30 pm 

There are three divisions:  

  • musical theater 
  • commercial music 
  • original singer songwriter

2. Submit the completed form to KELLY by 

September 25

If you can do this earlier, please do so.  

Once you have submitted your song selections, no changes can be made after October 3.  It is very important to give the repertoire committee some time to look over your songs so that in the event that you have a song choice that is not accepted, you have time to find a substitute song.  

3.  Pay the fees to Kelly via Pay Pal or Venmo in the "friends and family" setting

I write a check to NATS for the entirety of students represented. 
If you are performing in TWO categories, please take note of the fees

4.   Purchase your music, print it out, and have evidence of the receipt of purchase

NATS requires that all music be purchased by the student.  You must show proof of purchase the morning of the event in order to participate 

5.  Make a binder of clearly printed music for your accompanist.  


  • Judicious cuts are allowed
  • Key signatures may be changed from the original  
  • Do not use sheet protectors (glare)
  • Mark all cuts very clearly 

6.   Gather your documents

NATS requires proof of age.  Student ID cards will not suffice

Passport, Birth Certificate or Driver's Licenses are Accepted.  You will need to BRING THESE WITH YOU THE MORNING OF NOVEMBER 5

7.  Practice Consistently

All songs must be performed by memory

Keep the adjudication Rubric in mind as you rehearse

8.   Show up at least ONE HOUR Prior to your scheduled time

After you have enrolled, you will receive an email with your scheduled time. 

 Be on the lookout for this email.  

Generally, your scheduled time will be between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.  

You will need time to have your music and documents checked 

Then you'll want to warm up in an available practice room, 

and get your focus going!  

Don't rush this process. 

 If you are late for your scheduled time, you will not be allowed to perform.   

9.  Wear Professional Attire  

No: Sweats , Jeans, Pajamas, Torn Clothing, 

No: tuxedos,  Ball Gowns, Shorts, Short Skirts, or "costumes"

Yes:  Dress slacks, Suit coats, Collared Shirts,  Dresses, Ties, Skirts , clothing that makes you feel dignified, and proud of yourself

   Think "Job Interview" clothing.  

Put YOUR best self forward:  that may or may not mean a skirt,  dress, tie or suit coat.  But there is likely something in the professional category that will feel most like YOU.  


8.   Parents and/or friends may watch your audition

Sometimes it's great to have a fellow singer/student with you to encourage you in your performance! 

It also may be supportive to have a parent observe as well.  

 I highly encourage collegial and familial support.

 There is limited space in these auditions. 

No speaking or applause from the audience.  

Classroom space is limited, so the moderator has permission to limit observers. Audience participants should wear a mask.

Audience members must enter and exit the room at the same time as the performer.  

No videos or photos  may be taken

9.  After all participants in your category have been adjudicated, the results will be tabulated, and then posted on the wall.   

 Results are usually posted within an hour of the last performance in each session

Final scores and judges comments will be made available within 2 weeks of the competition.  We will review them during a lesson time.