Natural Butters for Hair

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Praise for the Healthy Hair Care Series Books. Rated 4.5 Out of 5 on Amazon & Goodreads

"This book has all the advice you will need to maintain healthy hair. Thank you Abi for taking the time to learn, experiment, and teach us how to have healthy hair. I have read numerous books on hair care and this is by far the BEST!!! Abi, you are so appreciated." - Najee

“Really nice self-help guide, broken into sections, on how to keep healthy hair or grow it. All natural, vitamins, recipes for hair concoctions, foods and even exercises for your hair," - Sharon

“I thought the suggestions were great I have used some of the oils and seeing growth in other areas and not as much where I'm thinning and bald spots. I have recently purchased the derma roller. Any suggestions on how to use and needle size," - Michelle

“Great information in this book. Very interesting from the beginning. Great read! I'm a stylist I specialize in hair loss and this book has some great key points," - Amazon Customer