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Discover the whole food, fad-free approach to naturally detox your body. 

Clear out the toxins and get amazing tips to continue the whole foods lifestyle so you can always feel energized, control your weight, and improve your overall health.

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Imagine getting rid of the toxins that built up in your body...

Let me tell you what will happen...

  • Your energy levels will be maximized

  • Your clothes will fit more comfortably

  • Your headaches and migraines will go away

  • Your bloating will disappear

  • Your skin will glow

  • Your constipation will vanish

  • Your confidence will improve

  • Your weight will drop naturally and without pain

  • Your immune system will strengthen

  • Your sleep will be better

  • Your productivity will increase

This is why I´m introducing...

Whole Food Cleansing To Feel In Harmony With Your Body

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Here´s how Natural Detox Blueprint is different from other detox programs...

  • 100% Natural: You will use natural foods to leverage your body´s natural ability to cleanse and perform at its best.

    • Complete Training: Everything you need to know to have a bulletproof gut and embrace a healthier diet.

    • Day by Day Blueprint: What you need to eat and drink every day to feel amazing, boost your immune system and improve your overall health.

    • You Will Never Be Alone: Community of like-minded women (myself included) on the same journey to support you in craving moments and bad days. We´re in this together!

    Let me tell you what´s included...

    Natural Detox Blueprint ($147 value)

    I will guide you through the entire process so that you will know exactly what to do to thoroughly cleanse your body and keep it that way. 

    And you will get invaluable food knowledge, and tips to continuing a ‘whole foods’ lifestyle once you have completed the detox program.

    Four Weekly Meal Plans ($397 value)

    These meal plans were specially created to progressively and effectively detox your entire body. 

    All the whole food meals planned for you, plus the shopping lists and delicious recipes.

    Toxicity Questionnaire ($97 value)

    You´ll take the questionnaire before going through the program AND when you finish it. This way you´ll be able to be fully aware of the improvements you made. 

    Prepare to be surprised!

    Private Facebook Community (priceless)

    An amazing online community of like-minded ladies, myself included, will have your back 24/7.

    And where you will have LIFETIME ACCESS.

    And you will also get TWO AMAZING BONUSES to make sure you stay healthy and energized...

    Healthy Gut Masterclass ($97 value)

    Comprehensive video training to ensure that your gut stays healthy and your digestive system works like clockwork. 

    A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system, heart health, brain health, improved mood, healthy sleep, and effective digestion, and it may help prevent some cancers and autoimmune diseases.

    Plant-Based Recipe Pack ($97 value)

    Enjoy these +50 delicious high protein recipes and never be out of healthy options to cook. It includes two Weekly Meal Plans with their respective shopping list.

    When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of over $835...

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    Hi, I´m Cirila, Weight Loss Coach for women


    Just 9 years ago, I was still struggling to control my weight and I felt miserable & tired all the time.

    I´ve been chubby since my teens, feeling totally self-conscious of my thick thighs and hating my overweight body.

    I tried every diet, program and treatment that crossed my path with no permanent result.

    I thought there was no way out for me but I wasn´t ready to give up. I had to find a way to win the fight.

    That´s when I discovered that it´s not about fighting to lose weight but about eating to nourish your body.

    It is not about restrictive diets and deprivation, but about working from the inside out and loving yourself.

    Since I achieved permanent results, my life has improved in every possible way and that´s why now I´m so passionate and committed to helping other women lose weight and get on their way to having it all.

    It all starts with you respecting, accepting and loving yourself & your body.

    Here’s A Recap Of EVERYTHING You'll Get Today With

    Natural Detox Blueprint DIY Program

    • Natural Detox Blueprint ($147 value)

    • Toxicity Questionnaire ($97 value)

    • Four Weekly Meal Plans ($397 value)

      • Private Facebook Community (priceless)

      • Lifetime Access (priceless)

      • BONUS #1- Healthy Gut Masterclass ($97 value)

      • BONUS #2- High Protein Recipe Pack ($97 value)

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