Mind The Gap: Negotiation Bootcamp

Week 1

Negotiation mindset- Identifying our deepest fears about negotiating.

Week 2

Working on barriers we face and the money stories we tell ourselves that stops us from asking for more.

Week 3

Know your numbers and value - How to research and calculate YOUR worth so you can stop short-changing yourself.

Week 4

Gender pay gap and equal pay. What is it exactly? How does it affect you? What steps can you take to close your pay gap?

Week 5

Practice your pitch! If you want to ask for more of anything you've got to comfortable crafting and practising your pitch.

Week 6

Dealing with objections. Identifying the fear behind hearing 'no' and how to handle it without crumbling into a hot mess!

Every week

Weekly action videos. Live Q&A. Group support and accountability.

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