Let's be honest, we're all feeling it right now. So much has changed in the past year and you may be feeling like you're in survival mode.

Things have been pretty tough recently, right? I don't know anyone who hasn't been affected in some way during the lockdowns

I know you feel deeply uncertain and anxious about what is going on in the world.

I know that is because you care deeply and often feel at a loss of what you can do to make a difference.

The thing is so many of us are hitting the wall, the emotional burnout has arrived and our nervous systems are frazzled. 

Collectively we have been in a 'freeze state' and now are yo-yoing between fight and flight as we try to process it all. 

As a highly sensitive person I know how important attending to the nervous system is in reducing the levels of stress and increasing our ability to show up in our lives and our happiest selves where we can feel safe in our bodies. 

That's why I decided to use my skills and knowledge to bring you a FREE mini audio series designed to soothe your nervous system.

Upon signing up you'll receive access to my members only online area where you'll receive access to a variety of tools and techniques to help you to soothe your nervous system. Each tool I share will activate the vagus nerve (I'll explain more about this in the course), bring you into feeling present in your body and out of that 'overthinking' mind, helping to shift your energy state leaving you feeling more balanced and clear.

Soothing the nervous system is CRUCIAL to our overall wellbeing and is the basis of all the emotional regulation and embodiment work I do. These are skills for life that you can learn, practice and integrate not only for yourself but many you can also share with children too.

And to make it even easier for you, I'll also be sending the tools to you in an email every day over 5 days so if you don't want to login to my members only online area, you can simply look at your Inbox to find the daily teaching.

You will learn how to move from feeling frazzled, anxious, foggy and overthinking to having more clarity and feeling more at peace. You will move more into being in your body and feel the ability to be more present in your life so that you can really soak up those moments of joy.

Ready to be soothed? Sign up below and get your first training directly to your Inbox.

Meet your soother, Lindsay

I'm a mama of three and multi-passionate, heart centred feminine embodiment coach for women who want more: more joy, more connection and more purpose in their lives.

I’ve always had a desire to help other people, always been fascinated by the emotional underworld and what makes people tick.

I’m a highly sensitive empath, which I now understand is a gift! Too long I believed that being sensitive was a weakness, a flaw. That I was ‘too much’.

Now I know how to harness this quality for good to enrich my work in supporting others.

I help women to return to their authentic selves, to tap into their intuition, and discover what it is they want and how to get it.