No one likes yelling; or the aftermath, do we? 

But somehow, we resort to yelling time and again. During these five days you will learn where your automatic reactions come from, and how you can control them, instead of being controlled by them. 

Even though you know what you shouldn't do, when push comes to shove, you end up doing the same thing... 

Not anymore. On day 2 of this challenge you will learn exactly what to do when emotions rise, and what to tell yourself to keep everything at bay. 

When we yell, we don't teach. When we yell, we utilize fear, guilt, and shame to bring the result we're looking for. And it doesn't work in the long-run. 

On day 3 you will learn how to focus on the values you wish to instill in your children, and how to start communicating these values in a way that makes it easy for them to hear you. 

Following our triggers is giving the power over our experience to someone else; in this case, a young child who cannot bare the weight of their own experience, let alone ours... 

On day 4 you will learn how to own your needs and feelings and regain the control over your parenting experience. 

Reconnecting to what parenting is really about. 

On day 5 you will learn why you just did everything you did, and why working to keep yourself calm and peaceful is an effort you and your children will be grateful for - for the rest of your life.