It's really easy and just take a few steps!!

  1. Take a screenshot of your pre-order confirmation.  Amazon sends them usually in the form of an email and B&N, Kobo, and iTunes, we just want the confirmation page details. To see that a purchase has been made. In other words, image proof.
  2. Send it either to the author that you support via Facebook messenger and they will send you the gift OR to Fire Quill Facebook messenger, OR email us the proof at
  3. Just wait, sit back and we will send your gift as soon as possible. It might sometimes take up to 24 hours, depending on how fast authors are replying to their readers. If you haven't heard a peep in 24 hours, please feel free to email the above address.

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR BOXSET. Please note that the giveaway reads are not the same reads as the pre-order purchase boxset. It's full novels donated by the authors in this boxset.