Join us in our Novena to End Human Sex Trafficking

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The mission of the Road to Purity apostolate is awareness, education, and healing from pornography and sex addiction. As sex trafficking is heavily linked to pornography, it impacts our mission in a core way. To embrace this truth, each day of this 9-day Novena, we help demonstrate the connection between pornography and sex trafficking.

Over the next nine days, you will receive a daily email containing the Novena prayers, followed by some statistics, some facts of the relationship between pornography and sex trafficking, and then a concluding true story of a trafficking victim. At the end of Day 9, we include a list of links and resources.

By participating in these Novena prayers, you will...

(1) receive the gifts of Hope, Prioritization, Commitment, Perseverance and Devotion, 

(2) as well as knowing that you have honored the victims of this horrific experience and put them in the hands of the Father.

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Mother Mary, pray for us.