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Your Massage Benefits

Are you a Nurse or other medical professional?  Your "Nurses Signature Membership" includes three massage  benefits.  Use them to relax, relieve stress and gain more energy!

No Contracts

You won't be tied to a contract!  Start or stop your massage membership anytime.  No hassles, "costly clauses", hidden fees or "legalese" to deal with.

Rollover Massages

Too busy to come in for your monthly massage?  No worries!  Your massages are set to rollover.  If they do, simply use your massages as you wish.  They're paid for!

$10.00 Discount

As a "Nurses Signature Massage" member, guess what?  You're entitled to a $10.00 discount off all massages available at Stress Relief Solutions!

Helping You Relax!

My name is Clyde McDade.  I'm your Certified Neuromuscular Therapist.  I have 24-years of clinical massage experience.  I use my "Stress Relief System" to help professional Nurses overcome pain and stress.  

Testimonial #1

I am a nurse and carry my stress in my upper back, shoulders and neck. I have been getting massages from Clyde for 2 years and always feel much better afterward. Sometimes it takes a few sessions, but pain is ultimately relieved. Clyde is very professional, knowledgeable in his field and has a “magic touch.” I would highly recommend a massage from Clyde! - Roberta T., Registered Nurse

Testimonial #2

Clyde has done a great job treating my TMJ. The muscles in my jaw and around my face and nexk were so tight that I could barely open my mouth to eat, and would experience so much pain when chewing. Thanks to his expertise, I am feeling much better! - Jacqueline L., Dietitian

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