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Print Your Creativity:
Exploring Gel Plates!

Can you relate these gel plate struggles?

• You're a beginner and looking for what to do next.

• You can't get magazine transfers to work.

• You struggle with what kind of paint to use.

• You end up with muddy prints.

• You have a bunch of ugly prints you don't know how to save.

• You're stuck and looking for gel plate ideas and inspiration.

Let me help you with those struggles!

Because I love gel plate printing and sharing my knowledge, I created...

Print Your Creativity: Exploring Gel Plates!

I am happy to share my self-paced online class where I share my processes, techniques, and tricks in easy to follow step-by-step videos!

Finally say goodbye to:

• Frustration with techniques that aren't working.
• Wasting time sorting through the internet looking for solutions.
• Ugly prints.
• Wasting paint and paper.

Gel printing is:

• A colorful way to add more variety to your mixed media, art journals, craft projects... the options are endless.

• Compact... Set it up on your kitchen table and you're ready to print.

• Easy to fit in to your busy life.

• Great for all ages, including kids.

• A fantastic way to sharpen your color skills.

• A total blast! With a few short lessons you’ll be addicted!

An easy-to-digest six module class for those looking to up their gel plate game.

Print Your Creativity: Exploring Gel Plates! provides you with the following six modules (plus bonuses) that will build your printing skills and take your art journaling to the next level...

1. The basics

Learn the basics of gel plate printing and tools and materials.

2. Paint!

Explore a color wheel and how paint can work for you.

3. Layers & Layers

Learn how to use a gel plate to get rich, layered prints.

4. Marks

Create different marks using various tools, like paint pens.

5. Stencils

Learn to make and print with your own stencils.

6. Transfers

Learn the ins and outs of image transfers with magazine.

Say YES to amazing gel plate prints!

• 2.5 hours of video instruction.
• Bonus videos.
• Discussion forums.
• Facebook group.
• Direct access to class instructor.
• Lifetime access.
• Only US$179.


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What you can expect:

☑️ 25 lessons (2.5 hours of video content) AND bonus videos!

☑️ Basic gel plate printing techniques to get you started then progressing to more intermediate techniques.

☑️ Clear narration with self-paced video demonstrations so you can understand exactly how I get results.

☑️ Facebook group where you can interact with other students and show what you have created.

☑️ Lifetime access to the class.

☑️ 15 day money back guarantee. (Conditions apply, see below.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies do I need?
is a list of items you need and suggested items you might want for the class.

Is it a one time payment or a subscription?
It's a one time payment, not a subscription. You pay only once and you have access to the content for life.

What level is this course suitable for?
This class is for anyone who wants to learn more about gel plate printing. The material is suitable for both beginners and more intermediate artists.

How long does the class run?
The class comes with lifetime access. This means you can get to it whenever you have time and enjoy without limits. You will also have access to any updates and changes that are made to the course. If for any reason the class were to be closed, you will be granted access to download all video lessons.

What if I don't enjoy the class?
If you feel like you don't get value from the class, and you've watched less than 50% of the content, please email Drew within 15 days of your purchase and we will refund you the full amount.

Is there an online community for this class?
Yes! There are discussion forums for each lesson that you can use to ask questions, as well as a Facebook group where you can share your work and interact with other students.

How much does the class cost?
The class is only US$179.

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100% Money back guarantee

We want you to pay only if you find value in the class. That's why we offer a 15-day money back guarantee. If after watching less than 50% of the content you don't like the class, email Drew and we will refund 100% of your money.

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