Are you or a loved one trapped in a cult or controlling situation and can’t get out? 

Maybe you got out of it a long time ago and still suffer the aftershocks. 

Are you locked in a vicious circle of fear, uncertainty and self-sabotage? 

Not sure who to trust? Can’t even trust your own thoughts and instincts to guide you? 


I've been there. I get it.

I understand better than anybody how cults mess with your mind. 

It leaves you confused what to think, what to be, how to act, who to trust....

The list goes on.


I spent twenty years in a cult.

Then I spent the next twenty years trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with my brain.

I couldn't think--at least, I didn't know HOW to think.

I spent decades trying to put the pieces together.

I spent years trying to help my friends and family get out of the same mind-bending trap.

Then one day, I unlocked the hidden code to pull the plug on all of that.

I discovered a fail-proof secret to shatter the bonds of mind control,

in myself and in anyone else who needed it.

Today I'm letting you in on that secret. 

Get ready to banish the darkness and let the sun shine into your life. 

No more hiding. No more uncertainty. No more wondering if you’re doing the right thing or making the situation worse. 

What would you give to package up your painful past, put it aside, and embrace positive, clear steps toward a future you can get excited about?

Today you can.


Imagine this for a minute.  

You walk down the street knowing exactly who you are.

No one can ever take advantage of you again.

You wake up every day centered, certain, and calm.

You know exactly what to say to that loved one stuck in a controlling relationship.


This guide gives you the clarity and confidence you so desperately need. 

Root out the poisonous remains of mind control and plant the seeds of positive change.

Intervention Guide helps you get anybody out of an cult or controlling situation

This handy guide tells you exactly what to say to defuse all your loved one's arguments. Build trust and position yourself as your loved one's best option to escape.

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Break Free: Unlock the Chains of Mind Control

You deserve it.


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