Calm Down Cards

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Has your child ever thrown a fit?

If you've answered yes, know it is normal, and you're in good company. Kids throw fits because, well, they're kids. 

But I have GOOD NEWS! There are things we can do to help our kids learn how to calm down and work through their feelings.

My husband and I created these cards for loving parents just like you!

How do they work?

Deep breathing will slow your child's heart rate when they're upset. It not only helps them to calm down in the moment, but teaches them how to regulate their emotions and avoid future meltdowns.

Teaching your child how to utilize their breath to calm down is an incredibly helpful tool. The calm down cards incorporate both breathing and full-body activities with imagery that children can relate to.

The cards also offer a tangible reminder and distraction. Your child will love being able to choose their favorite card to use. Allowing them to make a choice will help them regain a sense of control.

What you will get

  • The Calm Down Cards are a set of 12 custom, hand-drawn cards. Each card has a unique breathing activity with a picture on the front and simple instructions on the back.
  • They also come with a parent guide to direct you on how to best use them and other tips to help you help your child work through their emotions.